Haunted or Hoax - Episode 28

Casey's still researching while Jac looks over Ellia, she seems to be burning up and developing a fever. Casey calls Jac over telling her she's found something about curses and they believe that Emily summoned Hecate to curse Elizabeth. It's a bit extreme in Jac's opinion but thinking about Emily was absolutely devastated. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, am I right?

She summoned a demigod... Credit: YouTube

She summoned a demigod...
Credit: YouTube

Morning sunshine. Credit: YouTube

Morning sunshine.
Credit: YouTube

Suddenly Ellia sits up and says, "It is time." The girls rush to her side and appearing to be in a trance, struggle with with trying to get Ellia back to normal, or as normal as can be at this point. Jac tells Casey she can do this, that she needs to find a way to break the curse, meanwhile we have creepy Ellia chanting, "She is coming," in the background.

Ever so quick to research, Casey finds that in the 19th century, ancient curses were typically written on scrolls or inscribed in wood or metal and then buried in a hole in the ground or under the home of the intended victim. A-HA! Casey and Jac rush over to the brick in the floor and furiously begin to dig and then Ellia immediately stands up looking rather robotic in her movements. Jac tells Casey to go after Ellia while she continues to dig, Ellia immediately turns to face Casey and tells her to stay away.

Oh hey Em - I must say you've seen better days. Credit: YouTube

Oh hey Em - I must say you've seen better days.
Credit: YouTube

Suddenly the ghost of Emily Grantham appears, touching Ellia's shoulder and takes over her body. As if timing couldn't be better, Jac hands Casey the scrolls which she immediately burns but it's too late. The acting from Negovanlis is PHENOMENAL in this episode. Her ability to maintain the persona of Ellia, yet tap into a darker side as her character's mind, body and soul become consumed by some unnatural being is a delight to see come to life! Casey tries her hardest to ground Ellia and bring her back but once again Ellia says it's too light. She grabs a hammer and hits someone and the screen goes black.

Who do you think Ellia hit? Jac or Casey? Plot twist, maybe she hit herself? Tell us what you think!

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