Haunted or Hoax - Episode 3

Welcome back viewers to another episode of Haunted or Hoax. Friday's episode was Casey-filled with a bit of Ellia on the side (not that we're complaining).

The majority of episode three featured an incredible monologue from Casey. While the girls are still getting settled, Casey takes to the camera to fill in her viewers on what it's like being inside the house. Isabel Kanaan delivered a chilling performance as she manages to make even my skin crawl at the description of the Grantham House.

The home is quiet and unsettling and as Casey puts it, "Having an atmosphere as thick as death." Here's where I really give kudos to the writer, Natalie Forward, as her words transcend paper and come to life on screen through Kanaan. Casey continues to describe the house in great detail, from the heaviness she feels around her, to the grief and the sorrow. What spooked me the most was Casey's explanation of how the house actually makes her feel, as if the Grantham House was instilling emotions within her. Crushing her and keeping her on the edge.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Love the look on Casey's face, just pure emotion. Credit: YouTube

Love the look on Casey's face, just pure emotion.
Credit: YouTube

The stillness is overwhelming. I keep getting different waves of emotion, crashing over me. Sadness, fear, hopelessness, but anger and hatred are the strongest.
— Casey

Discussing some of her research on haunted houses, Casey delves into theories on how houses become haunted in the first place. The one that sticks with her the most is the idea that traumatic experiences can be the catalyst for a home to become haunted, those afflicted becoming unable to move on until the issue around their deaths are resolved.

Case in point, John and Emily Grantham.

With the Grantham's being the original designers, builders and owners of the home, Casey is starting to believe that her great, great, great, great Aunt and Uncle are somehow bound to the house and are unable to rest in peace until the truths of their deaths are revealed.

Casey also goes into a bit more detail about the mysterious Grantham House. Its location is remote and in its years of standing has only been renovated once. The home's nearest neighbor? A whomping ten miles away. The nearest town? Twelve miles, making it very clear that the home is tucked away all by its lonesome.

True to most horror films on haunted houses, Casey's theory is really starting to sound legit, but Jac certainly doesn't think so. Jac's theory is simple: the house is old, bad things happen everywhere. End of story. Clearly Casey's BFF is someone who doesn't believe in ghosts, or any superstitions for that matter. Speaking of Jac, she's nowhere to be seen in this episode as the house is still without power, leaving Jac to gather supplies.

Secret lovers... Credit: YouTube

Secret lovers...
Credit: YouTube

As Casey goes into discussing the lack of power and most importantly heat, cue Ellia, because she sure as hell has some great timing. Ellia offers to find Casey some extra blankets, but Casey tells her it's okay (secretly I think she was hoping Ellia would keep her warm) and that Jac was out looking for supplies, to which Ellia just nods at. The home owner does that a lot I've noticed. She's a woman of few words but lots of non-verbal gestures and cues.

Casey thanks Ellia probably for the hundredth time for allowing her into the home. And hold your breath because Ellia actually smiles and damn, it's a good one. With it just being the two of them alone, Ellia seems to open up a bit more. She's talkative, smiling and even a bit flirtatious! Casey thanks her for not changing her number with the constant harassment and Ellia adorably replies that she wish she had thought to do so. Casey, playing along, comes back with, "Too late, you're stuck with me," to which Ellia replies, "Words every woman wants to hear."

Damn Casey! Back at it again with the heart eyes! Credit: YouTube

Damn Casey! Back at it again with the heart eyes!
Credit: YouTube

And here we see Ellia, in her natural habitat, but this time, smiling! Credit: YouTube

And here we see Ellia, in her natural habitat, but this time, smiling!
Credit: YouTube

The cute moment is interrupted not by Jac but by a weird creaking noise and then it stops. The house is shaking. I repeat, this is not a drill, the damn house is shaking! Before the two can even digest what just happened, Jac's voice fills the air calling out to Casey asking for help with the supplies.

End scene. So, what do you think? Do you think Casey's onto something with how the house became haunted or do you think it's just a bunch of crap like Jac? I'm a bit more on Casey's side at this point because it really is hard to ignore the facts that she's presented. Tune in today for episode four and tweet us your reactions!

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