Haunted or Hoax - Episode 11

Before I dive into the recap I just want to compliment the amazing set up of the episode. I love the creative ways all three girls were framed in this episode. And now to your recap!

 Be your sob story? No thanks.  Credit: YouTube

Be your sob story? No thanks.
Credit: YouTube

So Ellia's secret is finally out there and things are gaining momentum in terms of awkwardness. I was expecting Casey to back down a little considering the way Ellia reacted to the truth coming out but hell no she didn't.

Hi, I’m Ellia. Nice to meet you. Oh by the way, my mother died - right about where you’re standing. Would you also like to hear about my amazing childhood in foster care?”
— Ellia

Ellia explains why she didn't tell them sooner and I don't blame her for not wanting to be part of some pity party and have her pain plastered all over their website. Casey asks Ellia why she doesn't want to know what happened to her mom and Ellia in probably what is her most vulnerable moment yet tells her she doesn't really want to considering she has no idea what she might find. Surprisingly Jac agrees and when Casey tries to push her further, it's Jac that shuts her down. This dynamic is interesting to me as just last episode Jac was trying to push Ellia and here we have Jac siding with the homeowner. It looks like Jac isn't the only one afraid of what they'll find!

 I am so excited for electricity you have no idea!  Credit: YouTube

I am so excited for electricity you have no idea!
Credit: YouTube

The power goes on and Jac is so stoked it's adorable. I don't think I've seen anyone more excited about anything in their life than Jac discovering the power is on. Meanwhile more awkward moments are going on between Casey and Ellia on the couch. And in a surprising change of events Casey tells Ellia she wants to postpone their interview, "At least until you can open up to me."

I sort of have a problem with this, Casey's acting all high and mighty like Ellia owes her something and she's really pushing her boundaries right now. I'm all for Casey wanting to know absolutely everything that she can about the house but there has to be a line, right? Which goes back to the previous episode in which she divulges that she follows emotion over logic.

Ellia however just wants to get the interview over with and we see the most epic awkward moment of exchanges between the girls. Then in Haunted or Hoax fashion, we end on an epic cliffhanger in which we see Casey throwing herself (maybe I'm exaggerating) onto Ellia as we hear sounds of an electrical circuit and glass breaking.

Intrigued? You sure as hell should be. Episode 12's recap will be up tomorrow, see you then HoH'ers! 

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