Haunted or Hoax - Episode 12

Episode 12 is definitely one of the shorter episodes we've had so far but I will say it also gave us quite a bit of relationship tension in every aspect.

 Guys stop fighting, Casey's hurt.  Credit: YouTube

Guys stop fighting, Casey's hurt.
Credit: YouTube

If you recall in the previous episode we heard what sounded like an electrical circuit breaking and glass shattering. Frame back into Casey, hurt and a bit confused as to what happened. Jac immediately runs to her side sending dagger eyes to Ellia because OF COURSE Casey had to play Supergirl and throw herself onto Ellia (not that we minded much).

Turns out a silly light bulb exploded sending glass shattering resulting in Casey getting cut. Both Jac and Ellia have a horrified look on their faces, trying to make sure Casey's okay despite her consistent efforts to tell them that she's fine. Jac jumps up in search for a first aid kit and Ellia just looks absolutely heartbroken as she tries to piece together what's just unfolded before.

 Protect Ellia? I volunteer as tribute!  Credit: YouTube

Protect Ellia? I volunteer as tribute!
Credit: YouTube

Ellia asks her why she covered her and Casey simply responds, "I just reacted. I didn't want you to get hurt."

KISS. KISS. KISS. JK, there's no kiss, at least not yet, we hope! The girls share a moment and then Jac Attack is back more aggressive than ever. She's really scared and while I get being concerned for a friend, she's kind of overreacting. Jac blames Ellia for what happened, so much for being on the same side for once, and Ellia actually agrees with her saying she would have preferred if it was her too.

Guys, Casey literally has a cut on her hand, she'll survive. Relax. Ellia and Jac continue to bicker while Casey still quite dazed struggles with her open wound. Ellia reaches for the first aid kid and Jac might as well have swatted her hand away with how quickly she got to it. Casey gives Ellia a forlorn look and says she could use some water, giving Ellia something to do.

 Jac is so in lesbians with Casey.  Credit: YouTube

Jac is so in lesbians with Casey.
Credit: YouTube

Meanwhile, Jac's struggling with covering her friend's wound that Casey has to calm her down herself and remind her that she's there and that she's okay. Ellia drops off the frame a bit which I think is pretty significant as to how she's probably feeling at the moment and I really don't blame her.

Casey finally acknowledges the pink elephant in the room and asks Jac what she thinks happened. Spoiler alert, it's just an old house, nothing of the supernatural kind, at least according to Jac.

 ACA-AWKWARD!  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

I don't know about you guys but I'm excited to see the fallout from our girls' latest incident and hopefully a look into Casey's interview with Ellia! What did you guys think about Monday's episode?

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