Haunted or Hoax - Episode 13

 She's persuasive that one.  Credit: YouTube

She's persuasive that one.
Credit: YouTube

Yikes, episode 13 dropped some more truth bombs but surprisingly from Casey this time around. While Casey's still recovering from her wound, Jac's a bit hesitant to leave her alone with Ellia but after some arm twisting and a cute little dance from Casey. So Jac leaves to gather some supplies but not before going head-to-head with Ellia. While Jac feels like she's being sent away so the adults can have a conversation, Ellia doesn't think twice before putting her two cents in which Casey jumps on right away to reassure the girl that it isn't the case at all, it's just pretty obvious that Ellia won't open up to Casey as much if Jac's around.

Fair enough Casey, fair enough.

 Ellia, stop. Your excitement for this interview. It's just too much.  Credit: YouTube

Ellia, stop. Your excitement for this interview. It's just too much.
Credit: YouTube

Casey jumps into her HoH face and introduces Ellia to her audience as their interview gets underway. Casey starts with the basics with saying how great it is that everyone gets to see Ellia's pretty face up close now. HOW AWKWARD FOR YOU CASEY.

After this incredibly uncomfortable Casey moment, she recovers and dives into asking Ellia some run of the mill questions. We re-learn that it wasn't some family member she inherited the home from but she's had it for about 23ish years now after inheriting it from her late mother. Ellia doesn't know why her mom came to the house that day or anything more about the original owners than Casey does.

Here's where I have a problem now, Casey is just too much. She gets so frustrated with Ellia for giving her the bare minimum answers but in reality, does she really have a reason to be upset? Granted Ellia's lied to her before but how does she expect her to know more about the home than she does? Casey calls her out and refuses to accept the fact that Ellia just doesn't know more which I find both understandable and yet odd. If I were in Ellia's position I sure as hell would try to know as much as I could about my mother and her passing. 

 Ellie's not the only one with secrets.  Credit: YouTube

Ellie's not the only one with secrets.
Credit: YouTube

Suddenly the tables turn and it's Ellia's turn to play detective. After being pushed this much by Casey, it's completely reasonable. She asks Casey why she's so pent up on finding out the truth because she must be there for more than just her website.

Check and mate.

Casey discloses her own secret, that solving the Grantham House makes her feel closer to her father who recently passed away as well. Her father was in the midst of researching the house before he died and invested so much of his time into it that it only feels right for Casey to pick up where he left off. This storyline seems pretty Lara Croft to me and I'm kinda digging it. The episode ends here and I suspect that episode 14 will bring us some cute Ellia and Casey moments before Jac comes barging in and ruining it.

Episode 14 airs today at 4:30 PM EST and just remember there's a hiatus which must mean some juicy stuff is in the pipeline! Tune in and don't forget to tweet the amazing cast and crew about how much you love the show!

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