Haunted or Hoax - Episode 14

Episode 14 dropped some serious knowledge on us right before a short hiatus. The episode picks up right where episode 13 left us during the drama-filled interview Casey was conducting with Ellia.

 We're all about these heart to hearts!  Credit: YouTube

We're all about these heart to hearts!
Credit: YouTube

We find out that Casey's mother passed away four years ago in a car accident. Ever since then, her father hasn't been the same which Casey noted is also around the time that he began his work on the Grantham House.

The history of the Grantham House fascinated Casey's dad and it wasn't until his death that Casey saw the extent of his research and investment in the home, so of course, she felt the need to finish his work for him. Her dad did quite a bit of the heavy lifting, he had original documents on home including real estate listings, newspaper clipping, letters, everything. When Casey first sifted through the research and saw the story about Karen and Abigail, her heart just felt for them. With a constant merry go round of tragedy after tragedy, Casey realized she wanted to do something about it.

Ellia speaks up and tells her something that Jac has been reiterating for awhile now in that all homes have a history. It's not always going to sunshine and daisies but that's just how it is. Then things get real creepy and I don't mean like Twilight Zone creepy, I mean, "holy shit that's messed up" creepy. Casey discloses that prior to coming to the home and even beginning her investigation on the house, she started having these dreams. Except, dreams probably aren't even a good way of describing them based on the realness and feelings Casey has after them. I wanted to describe them in the best way possible so I've opted to list out her dream below!

  • The dream always started with Casey standing on the porch of the Grantham House
  • The door would open but no one would be there
  • She would always feel scared but admitted that there was something about the home that she was unable to resist
  • All of sudden she's in the hallway with no recollection of how she got there, unable to move
  • Then...the voices would start
  • Calling out to her in desperation and as much as she wants to move, but she can't
  •  She realizes the voices are coming from upstairs and wills herself to climb the staircase, which we all remember is actually broken
  • The higher she climbs, the louder the voices get and the colder it feels
  • She reaches the top and the stairs crumble beneath her with nothing to catch her and then she wakes up in a cold sweat
  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

So do you have chills yet or nah, chills also courtesy Kanaan's performance! Ellia looks completely spooked after Casey discloses her dream to her and feels the need to ask, "But it was just a dream right?" and Casey says no. Before she even set foot in the house she knew the exact layout, everything was the same, even the smell was the same. THE FREAKING GOD DAMN SMELL.

I love the acting from Kanaan in this episode, especially towards the end. She brings out the crazed and obsessed side of Casey so well and it's so clearly reflected in her eyes as she tears up talking about the home.

Something or someone wants Casey to be there and she needs to know why. I mean wouldn't you want to know?

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