Haunted or Hoax - Episode 15

Episode 15 is a doozy, we get some much welcomed fiery banter between Ellia and Jac, while Casey sticks to her guns about her connection to the home.

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Casey's busy adding more clues to her wall while Ellia draws. It's pretty awkward between the two and I don't really blame them for being that way given their previous conversation about Casey's dreams. Ellia grabs Casey's and hands her a small photo of a woman, her mother and it's not just any photo, it's the ONLY photo that Ellia has of her (fun fact: the photo is actually Negovanlis' mother in real life).

I love this moment between Casey and Ellia because it's such a tender gesture for Ellia to want to share something so near and dear to her. I also think it's a step in the direction of Ellia being on board with Casey's investigation. It's a small way of validating her research and reassuring her that she doesn't think it's silly.

Jac comes back with supplies and asks how their interview went. Casey admits it's incomplete as the girls got distracted and she confessed her dreams. Casey even goes as far to say that she is so sure, more than ever, that her dreams are real. Cue the fiery banter!

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Jac shoots Ellia a dirty look from the opposite couch saying, "You didn't discourage this?" as if it's her job which she so quickly retorts back with. Meanwhile Casey sits in disbelief that the two girls are literally talking about her, in front of her! I love that Ellia also takes this opportunity to go back at Casey and say, "Annoying, isn't it?"

Ellia - 1. Casey - 0.

Jac tries to convince Casey that her dreams are clearly just night terrors from stress. She hasn't had it easy the past few years and the dreams are probably just a to deal with her grief. Jac tries to coax Casey down as best as possible but it's clear that this house is more than just a job for her. She needs answers and Jac's just afraid that she won't find them, so maybe they just need to get as much information as they can, leave the house and move on with their lives. Still, Casey is hopeful and mentions another box of her dad's research in the car. Jac, the ever gentlewoman says she'll grab it for and let's them know that the lady at the store said there's a storm approaching but it shouldn't be too bad. Meaning - shit's about to get real and it'll probably be really bad.

 Really can't be mad at Jac for being worried about Casey's well being.  Credit: YouTube

Really can't be mad at Jac for being worried about Casey's well being.
Credit: YouTube

When Jac's gone Ellia and Casey share another sweet moment and Casey tells Ellia she's dying to the know the truth just as much as she is. Ellia doesn't answer but the look on her face says it all and really I think that's enough for Casey, at least for now.

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