Haunted or Hoax - Episode 4

Episode four starts off with all three of our leading ladies. If any of you have read our interview with the creator of Haunted or Hoax, Natalie Forward, you'll know she mentions how significant relationships are in this series. If you need a reminder, check out the snippet below.

The character relationships are very important to the show, especially the character dynamics.
— Natalie Forward

With that being said, we turn our attention back to the opening sequence in which Casey, Ellia and Jac try to enjoy a meal together...The keyword here being "try." I'll admit there's nothing I love more than some in your face, not-so-subtle sarcastic sass, but I love it even more when it's coming from someone like Jac. Ellia apologizes for not having the power on sooner to which Casey tells her in a giggly school girl manner, "That's okay, it sort of sets the mood!" 

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

WHAT MOOD ARE YOU TRYING TO SET HERE CASEY? SHARE WITH US. Anyways, Jac gives us a signature eye roll and mutters something about how freezing to death in the dark is definitely her favorite kind of mood!

 I am SO happy to be here. Really Casey, freaking ecstatic.  Credit: YouTube

I am SO happy to be here. Really Casey, freaking ecstatic.
Credit: YouTube

In an effort to make light of the situation, Casey tries to break the ice with some typical questions for Ellia, asking if she has any siblings, her favorite color, is she into girls (I might have just heard this one in my head)...You know, pretty run-of-the-mill questions. The awkwardness continues and as if the house senses the tension, it begins to shake like it did in the previous episode while letting out a loud sound. Jac of course shrugs it off blaming the noise on the pipes, but Casey's more entertained at the fact the house might actually be haunted!

Casey tries to break the ice again asking Ellia what she does for work, and I'm happy to say we get to learn more about the mysterious homeowner. She's a comic book artist who works with a writer in the city. Her answers are kept fairly short and you really can't help but wonder if it's because Jac's around. Then, in probably the cutest interaction so far between our pair of investigators, Casey gives a not so subtle cough, looks at Jac and motions over to Ellia. Lots of nonverbal in this episode and it really works for them!

 Jac you should probably...  Credit: YouTube

Jac you should probably...
Credit: YouTube

 No Jac, really.  Credit: YouTube

No Jac, really.
Credit: YouTube

Giving into her best friend *cough* crush *cough* (see we can do it too Casey), Jac takes a stab at some conversation with Ellia. She asks about the stairs leading to the second floor and how Ellia gets up there. The Grantham House owner simply shakes her head and says she doesn't, "not unless you're willing to risk life and limb to get upstairs." Jac makes a point that the stairs look like they were intentionally destroyed, and here, everyone, is our first clue!

Did the Grantham killer destroy the stairs on purpose? Possibly to make sure no one dares to escape? Or maybe there's something upstairs? We need the answers, or so help us we'll risk life and limb to find out!

Back to our recap though. We get a lot more background information on Ellia and find out that although she is the owner of the home, she's never lived there and only came by the house through an inheritance from a relative she's never met. Finding it a bit odd, Jac challenges her and says, "If someone was nice enough to leave me a house, I'd want to find out who it was from." I'll admit Jac definitely seems to be pushing Ellia's buttons but in Ellia fashion, she fires back with, "Well when it happens, be sure to find out." BOOM. DROPS THE MIC. During the episode, I couldn't help feel like I was at a tennis match watching the players rally back and forth while Casey sits literally in the middle trying her best to not get hit with the ball.

 Sorry, who do you think you are?  Credit: YouTube

Sorry, who do you think you are?
Credit: YouTube

 Just try me girl.  Credit: YouTube

Just try me girl.
Credit: YouTube

Once again, Casey does her best to sidestep the tension and asks if Ellia's heard much about the Grantham murders. Her response is short, as usual, saying she hasn't heard more than what's gone around town and then excuses herself to get to bed not having touched her meal. Once Ellia's out of earshot, Jac turns over and does her best impersonation of what I want to say is a Valley Girl who is SUPER pumped to be in Ellia's presence. The episode is basically Ellia vs Jac with both actors nailing their delivery and throwing shade with every word they say.

Jac tries to see the upside in things, saying that they won't have to deal with Ellia forever and Casey looks almost upset about it. I mean we get it, she's good looking and has that air of mystery to her but relax Casey, you JUST met her. Don't go renting that U-Haul just yet. On a lighter note, the girls discuss their plans for the following day. Jac's more than psyched to be taking photos she actually likes for once (we learn she's a forensic photographer). Casey pays her a compliment and it's too cute as to how Jac reacts. The episode ends on a more humorous note as Casey leaves to get ready for bed and Jac takes what pretty much is her friend's entire plate of food and stacks it onto her own.

I'm super amped for today's episode. I'm hoping to see more slow burn, more tension and hopefully more clues on the Grantham House! Tweet us your reactions and don't forget to tune in!

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