Haunted or Hoax - Episode 6

Episode six brings us a cute little greeting from Detective Casey, in which we, her loyal followers, are referred to as HoH viewers!

Casey, you had one job! Way to block the camera! Credit: YouTube

Casey, you had one job! Way to block the camera!
Credit: YouTube

Things begin with Casey going through footage from the night before when Jac was suddenly woken up by what she calls a bug. But from Casey's footage we see that there's a shadow; however, it's not fully viewable because Casey herself is actually blocking the camera. Despite the events from the previous night, Jac's still not willing to admit there's anything supernatural going on. She does admit that it's cold but that could honestly be due to the lack of heat.

It's been less than 24 hours and Casey can already feel a change in the air, understanding what others have said about not wanting to be anywhere near the Grantham House. Sure, the eerie sounds and the shaking of the home are strange, but what she's really struggling to cope with are the feelings she gets when she's in the actual house: a sense of hopelessness and as if nothing else matters or exists. It feels as though the house is in its own world and you're definitely not meant to be there.

I find this confession from Casey to be interesting. Neither Jac nor Ellia have disclosed anything along these lines and I'm starting to wonder if it's because Casey has some weird bloodline relation to the home or if the other girls are just too chicken shit to admit it.

Sorry I overreacted last night... Credit: YouTube

Sorry I overreacted last night...
Credit: YouTube

Jac gets back from taking pictures and there's an air of lightness to her after the sunrise photo session. Ellia enters the room shortly after Jac and - shocker - is super short in conversation and busies herself in the background. Meanwhile, we get a cute little moment as the two BFFs share what's next in their research.

Casey's taken to contacting the local historical society to get more information on the home. She thinks starting from the very beginning is probably her best bet and Jac agrees. I know I've raved about this in the past, but I can't express how much I love Sydney Kondruss' acting and in this particular episode, her non-verbal acting skills. While Casey goes on to discuss what little she's learned, Jac sits there, mild-mannered, with her eyes roaming Casey's face and giving her some not-so-subtle puppy eyes. And then sure enough, little by little, Jac scoots her way closer to Casey.


Credit: YouTube

Based on the newspaper articles Casey's found on the Grantham murders, the gardener, who was married to the housekeeper, was the one who discovered the bodies. The murder weapon was never found which led the police to believe it was an intruder and not foul play. Jac fills Casey in on what her cop friend had to say on the murders. Considering the lack of a struggle or evidence of a burglary, it generally means that the motive was more personal and less random. This notion leads Jac to suggest that maybe it was a disgruntled patient who attacked the Grantham's that night but Casey has other ideas. 


Credit: YouTube

Typically at this point we'd get some sort of lecture from Jac on the illogical theories Casey's spewing out, but instead we get our favorite ginger calling Casey some cute nicknames, ending the episode with what looks like our two BFFs holding hands! Until next time HoH viewers!

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