Haunted or Hoax - Episode 7

Happy Monday HoH viewers and welcome back for another recap of Haunted or Hoax. Episode seven, what can I say? Well first off, it was seven minutes long, so for those of you (myself included) who were yearning for more, this was a blessing or as Ellia put it this episode, "What you see is what you get."

Casey's sighing away while she stresses over her lack of a proper workplace - no table, no whiteboard, first world problems, am I right? Anyways, Ellia tells her she can have at it with any free wall space she finds so Casey gets to work, while Ellia continues to draw what I'm assuming is a new comic piece. Shoutout to the amazing Valentine Smith for her artwork being featured in the series!

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

I love the time lapse we get of Casey so diligently plastering her research all over the wall while Ellia watches from the couch. Jac enters and we get a solid breakdown of what Nancy Drew has been able to put together so far. Check out the miniature timeline below!

While Casey goes through the timeline with Jac, we get a few glimpses of Ellia looking either oddly interested in what's going on or like she's hiding something. Jac meanwhile, though impressed with the work Casey's put together, still doesn't understand where she's going with all this. In her mind, there's only three possible theories: 1) The house is evil, staying there makes you go mad (horcrux anyone?); 2) The house has a traumatized ghost that wants to get revenge on anyone who stays there; or 3) Grantham House is just a 100-year-old home with an unfortunate history. I'm sure you all can guess which theory Jac's leaning towards.

While I expected a bit more side banter between the two BFFs, it's Ellia who steps in and finally gives us a piece of her mind. She calls out the fact that neither Jac nor Casey have any experience, legit equipment and to top it all of, no clue as to what they're doing there. I half expected Casey to burst into tears given her pro-Ellia stance but instead she fires back. She's got 18 months of research and Jac has seen more crime scenes than probably any person on Law and Order, so what they lack in experience, they make up for in intelligence. Jac tries to calm her down and tell her she doesn't have to stand up for what they're doing, followed by some cute affection from Casey. Ellia still remains as unfazed as ever but is then taken by surprise when Casey starts to interrogate her. 

 You guys look like idiots.  Credit: YouTube

You guys look like idiots.
Credit: YouTube


Credit: YouTube

Ellia admits she doesn't know much about the house and she's really never cared to learn more either because like everyone else in town, she prefers to keep away from things that are unknown. She even goes as far to point out the fact that Jac doesn't believe in this hocus pocus shit and really there's not much Casey can say back to that.

In conclusion, we find that there isn't any consistency to how each death happens or a consistency as to how often they occur either. Casey then counters Jac in explaining that there may be no rhyme or reason to the events but if a house is haunted and feeds off of its inhabitants, it makes sense as to why it's so dormant. Jac sighs, knowing that Casey is a stubborn one and you can't help but admire Jac's role in all of this. While she wants Casey to be successful in her research and uncover something, I think she's protecting her in a way by saying that Casey needs to be open to the fact that they might never know what really happens.

 And then we ride into the sunset together on horseback.  Credit: YouTube

And then we ride into the sunset together on horseback.
Credit: YouTube

I loved this episode. It was extremely informative and there was some superb acting done between Sydney and Isabel as their backs are turned to the camera for the majority of the episode. I hope you guys are keeping track of what's going down but if not, we've got you covered! Until next time!

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