Haunted or Hoax - Episode 8

This week we're back with some great one-on-one time between Ellia and Casey. While Jac's out on a run but before we dive into the plot a bit, I want to give a shout out to the crew behind the series and their creative work in not only sticking to a vlog format but incorporating some serious camera action this episode!

Werk werk werk werk werk! Credit: YouTube

Werk werk werk werk werk!
Credit: YouTube

The camera's moving a bit and perhaps it's a ghost, perhaps it it isn't, regardless, it adds another dimension to the series giving it a very reality show type of vibe. Personally, I like the different angle and how it moves from character to character, it makes you feel like you're there right there on the couch with Ellia and Casey, giving you a front row view to some awkward tension :)

So back to the story! Casey's still frustrated, going through old police files when she comes across a bunch of love letters from John, written to his wife Emily. Ellia comes into the room and Casey explains how Emily was found with the letters in her possession at the time, which is just a bit strange to me but whatever!

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Ellia takes a seat on the couch and reads one of the letters aloud, it's sweet, it's sappy, it's true love but in my opinion, John sounds a bit...Not necessarily obsessed, but it sounds like he's just very into Emily which might not be such a healthy thing.

My dearest E, my love for you is infinite. I would swim oceans, move mountains, risk my very being to stay by your side. You are mine and I am yours. Always, J.
— John Grantham

Casey finally gets around to asking Ellia if she would take part in an interview for the blog and Ellia's clearly hesitant but her body language betrays her as we see the excitement on her face and the way her body relaxes when she's just with Casey, versus when Jac's around.

I love the performance from Negovanlis in this episode. Her character might be shy for the most part but the way her body language acts is completely different, showing us a different side to her character. Despite Ellia's antics about the house and not wanting any part of it, I think she does and Negovanlis so eloquently displays that in her body language towards her counterpart.

The chemistry between Ellia and Casey is totally there, but deep down I'm shipping Jac and Casey because their BFF banter just can't be beat. The two girls exchange a few flirtatious lines here and there only to be interrupted by voices. Jac's out running so it's definitely not her so whose voices are they hearing? Why are they hearing them? What the hell are they saying?!

Smiles. Smiles all around. Credit: YouTube

Smiles. Smiles all around.
Credit: YouTube

It's starting to get a bit too creepy for me... Credit: YouTube

It's starting to get a bit too creepy for me...
Credit: YouTube

Well the whispers stop and Casey's just relieved she's caught it on tape or how else will Jac believe her. There's a bit of hope in Casey's eyes at the notion of showing Jac some hardcore evidence, Ellia gets up to return to doing her own work but not before agreeing to give Casey her interview. Heart eyes all around and scene!

I'm excited to see what's coming next, slowly but surely we're getting more and more history on the house as more clues are revealed. I'm interested to see the dynamic between Ellia and Casey grow as we get to learn more about the homeowner's background. She doesn't thinks he has much to offer but like Casey says you never really know until they formally sit down and talk. So maybe there's more than what meets the eye to Ellia, here's hoping we find out soon!

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