Haunted or Hoax - Episode 9

 Sorry trying to research here...Don't have time for fitness.  Credit: YouTube

Sorry trying to research here...Don't have time for fitness.
Credit: YouTube

Jac is back! Not that she was gone long but any episode without her is just a bit short (Get it?! Gosh, I hope you get it). Anyways! Jac is back and for some reason Casey is awfully short with her when Jac offers her help in researching everything she can on anyone who has some sort of connection to the Grantham House.

Instead of accepting the help, Casey sort of scoffs and gives Jac a sarcastic reply. I think the BFFs are really starting to get a bit irritated with one another, whether it's from the house or from too much time together, it's unclear at this point. Casey quickly changes the subject to Ellia agreeing to an interview and of course we get a wonderful reaction from Jac, full of eye rolls and a great reference to Pollyanna. What happened next really took me by surprise.

 Jac...I hate when you look sad.  Credit: YouTube

Jac...I hate when you look sad.
Credit: YouTube

 I mean...You're great.  Credit: YouTube

I mean...You're great.
Credit: YouTube

Casey calls Jac out on not always having been the easiest person to deal with. This is pretty much the most we've seen the two girls talk about their past together. Jac apparently was really guarded in the beginning and Casey knocked those walls down like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball, which is why she's confident enough to think she can do it to Ellia. Jac however, seems really hurt that Casey thought she was so difficult to crack. My heart did break for her a bit here because as tough as Jac can come off, I think she's just a secret sap who is trying so hard to hide the fact that she's clearly in love with her best friend.

 Think it's just the wind this time Jac?  Credit: YouTube

Think it's just the wind this time Jac?
Credit: YouTube

Their conversation gets interrupted by the house, again, only this time by what sounds like footsteps from upstairs. Jac blames the noise on an animal because animals just totally walk around on two legs. Ellia makes an appearance to make sure it isn't just her that's hearing the "animal" too and we get to see the girls go at each other's throats a bit, which I thoroughly enjoy. Casey takes this time as an opportunity to bring up the voices, which Ellia backs her up on, and that she caught it on camera, but our big friendly giant still doesn't seem too impressed.

Something's in the air because suddenly Casey just feels, for lack of a better word, off. She describes it like something (or someone) is almost touching her, making her skin tingle and feel cold. Whatever's in the air also seems to startle Ellia who rather abruptly sits down and it doesn't go unnoticed by Casey. It's clear Ellia feels it too yet Jac goes unfazed calling everything, "unsubstantiated evidence."

 Something's in the air...Can you feel it? It's love...Or a fart, who knows?  Credit: YouTube

Something's in the air...Can you feel it? It's love...Or a fart, who knows?
Credit: YouTube

There's been more than one occasion that we've seen Ellia get a bit weird after Casey feels something within the Grantham House, so this got me thinking. Casey has a clear connection to the home, her ancestors built it. From what we know Jac has no affiliation with the house but Ellia we're not so sure of. As of yet, we don't know much about Ellia's background outside of what she does for a living. She inherited the house from an unknown family member, but what if that family member had something to do with the house in ways that not even she knows? Not to mention the fact that Ellia's made it really clear she has no interest in Casey's project so why is she there? What does she have to gain? Money, obviously but if she's just as freaked out by things, why the hell is she sticking around? There are still so many unanswered questions at the moment that really anything is possible!

Jac apologizes to Casey for not believing in the whole ghost theory, which I think she only does because she doesn't want Casey to be mad at her. At this point, and possibly always, I think Casey is more motivated by emotions than logic. That's where Jac comes in, she's Casey's logical sound board and is practically begging her to be open to the idea that maybe things aren't as paranormal as they seem. Maybe it really is just an old house. 

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Ellia and Jac have a little spat, in which Ellia offers to throw Jac over the hole in the staircase so she can be a Nancy Drew herself and find out what the mysterious noise is. And the best reaction to anything ever goes to Jac in response to Ellia (It must be watched to be fully appreciated). Casey literally calls a time out between them and soon enough it's just Casey and her camera left.

We get our regular dose of Casey in the episode's final monologue, which is so wonderfully delivered by Isabel Kanaan. Casey goes on about the house and how it's clearly affected them all. She also makes a point to mention how Ellia and Jac just seem repelled by one another, perhaps there's more to it then? And finally, stemming off of Jac's animal comment earlier, Casey realizes that since they've arrived she hasn't seen anything living other than themselves. Maybe the Grantham House is just one big dead zone (literally) or maybe like Casey says, the stories are just starting to mess with her.

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