Precious Cargo - Episode 1, Sisters

From the minds of Lauren Singerman and Sasha Kaye, comes Precious Cargo, a new web series that premiered earlier this week that focuses on the lives of two sisters as they tutor the children to some of the wealthiest families in New York City. The series was inspired by Singerman and Kaye's lives and experiences tutoring. Check out our recap from this week's first episode.

Are your diapers biodegradable? Mine are. Credit: Vimeo

Are your diapers biodegradable? Mine are.
Credit: Vimeo

The camera pans down on a couple of fathers discussing their children and future college decisions. As they list off some of the most elite universities in the country, you can't help but wonder, what kind of Kool-Aid these geniuses have been sipping if they're getting into all these places! The proud fathers continue to discuss how each of their children have already decided on a major except for Greta and the other two are pretty offended that she hasn't! 

But then, the camera continues to pan down and we see their children and by children I mean babies. We see their babies, their drooling children playing with blocks and stuffed animals. Greta's father immediately gets bombarded with questions on what pre-schools he's applied his daughter to and why hasn't he had "the talk" with his family yet. It's absolutely absurd but in the best possible way.


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The scene ends and we meet Teddy. He's rocking an awesome haircut, earrings, make up and a very mismatched outfit. We then meet Lisa (Singerman), Teddy's tutor, who is so patiently trying to help him with his fractions but as Teddy so eloquently yells, "I'M BORED!" an dramatically continues to crawl onto the floor saying, "Help me...I'm dying...Of boredom." Meanwhile Lisa is frantic on the phone with her sister, Sandy (Kaye), who's running 15 minutes late to a tutoring session of her own.

Right off the bat we can already see the contrast between the two leads. Lisa is more type-A and very by the book, she takes what she does with pride and works hard at it. Meanwhile, Sandy is more go with the flow. When younger sister Lisa asks if she's brought all of her prep books to her session Sandy tells her she has, when in fact all she has her seriously outdated fanny pack (I only judge because I can't pull off a fanny pack).

A great addition to the series is their use of flashbacks, allowing the viewer to immediately be immersed and aware of the sisters and their history. It appears that this isn't the first job that Lisa's given her sister that she hasn't screwed up! We cut back over to Lisa and Sandy on the phone discussing how crazy these rich parents are about their children and the Independent School Entrance Exam AKA ISEE AKA a test pitting rich kids against other rich kids for entrance into fancy private schools.

We get a sneak peek in the life of the ridiculously wealthy when Sasha finally makes it to her session. Mrs. Peck we learn is insanely busy with whatever the life of luxury buys you these days and she's counting on her tutor to get her son into Yale, her prepubescent son who we meet wielding a toy light saber beating the shit out of a blow up doll.

Credit: Vimeo

Credit: Vimeo

Meanwhile, Lisa's leave her own session and heads over to an audition because yes, this type-A gal is an actor. She finishes her song, with excellent vibrato might I add, but instead of applause she's met with two guys laughing at what we see is some funny video on the web. The interaction is cruel, as anyone who has ever had to audition for anything knows how brutal it is to really put yourself out there and be judged.

She's disappointed and it's clear on Lisa's face as she struggles to pay attention to her next client, Heidi. I love the comedic bits and how serious the parents are about their children and their hopes of getting them into schools like Stanford and Yale. When asked, Lisa tells Heidi's mother that she doesn't know and the mother looks like she's about to have a mental breakdown and asks if her daughter is a lost cause!

You be Darth Vader this time Sandy! Credit: Vimeo

You be Darth Vader this time Sandy!
Credit: Vimeo

Cheers darling. Credit: Vimeo

Cheers darling.
Credit: Vimeo

The episode ends with Sandy lying to her sister when in reality she's playing light sabers with her tutor kid. Back at Heidi's, Lisa's cheersing juice boxes, which Heidi calls wine because she's clearly taking after her mother. Will Lisa ever get her big break and give up tutoring? Will Sandy ever live up to her sister's expectations? Who knows but stick around for the seven-episode series to find out! New episodes air every Monday at 10 AM EST on Vimeo and you can check out the first episode on the left!

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