Ridiculous Recaps | Mina Murray's Journal, Ep. 5

My head is in a loop with this one. The name Mina Murray is actually really familiar but I cannot figure out why. The urge to google in advance is strong here but for you, dear readers, I am resisting.

That feels like it would be cheating.

Just know this is going to bother me until I figure it out. Once again, we’re literally jumping into the middle of a 10 episode season.

The first thing we see is a British girl who is informing us that she is not in a four-star hotel. I’m going to assume that this is Mina Murray herself unless someone tells me otherwise. After all, this is supposedly her journal.

Although vlog might be a tad more appropriate.

What I am gathering is that she was supposed to be going to a four-star hotel and enjoying what I’m assuming is a lovely vacation. Unfortunately, she got rained out and is stuck in Count Dracula’s castle.

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube




Right. So Mina Murray is a minor character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In the book, Dracula is trying to move from Austria to England and hires a man named Jonathan to help him back the move. If I’m remembering correctly, Mina is Jonathan's fiancee. She’s also the BFF of the girl that Dracula is trying to eat.

I have context for once as to what’s going on! It’s amazing! Long live the literary adaption.

Anyway. Back to the show. Mina complains that the Count’s house is really boring. Oh Mina. I have a hint that it’s going to get pretty lively pretty soon. Let’s try and put together the pieces of what’s happened based on what Mina says.

It sounds like Mina is the person helping Dracula with the move, not Jonathan. She was supposed to be staying in town after helping Dracula with his contracts but as she was leaving the estate to go to town, the road literally washed out in front of her from the rain. So she has to stay with Dracula.

I bet she gets eaten.

She spends some time complaining that the decorating looks like it's from 1947 and has no mirrors anywhere. It smells like old cabbages and all the doors are locked. Then she makes a joke that the Count is hiding dead bodies behind them.

Oh sweetie. I’m sorry.

Then we learn about the Count. He’s apparently really weird and is so old that he looks like he might crumble to dust. Also he really likes wolves.

Coincidentally, Mina gets interrupted by wolves howling. I’m trying to remember but I think that wolves were part of the Dracula mythos before the whole Twilight wolves vs vampires thing took over vampire pop culture.

Also, she’s never seen the Count eat anything, he’s super strong, and has really cold hands.

So I get to sit here screaming, “Vampire! Vampire! Vampire!”

Alright look. It’s a vlog-style vampire web series. I get one Carmilla reference, okay? Mina needs a Lafontaine.

That’s really all there is to the episode. Mina bemoans her loss of a vacation a little more and talks about how the Count doesn’t understand wifi. She does talk to camera to a ‘John’ which is probably the same as the one in the novel, although we get no indication of their relationship. This is just a simple mid-season episode of Mina talking directly to camera with a ton of exposition.

However, it’s done in a charming way with lots of personality in the narrative voice so I really don’t mind what would usually be an expositional slog. Mina has a certain charm to her and I’m here for it.

At the very last second, we also get a reference to Lucy and it’s nice to know she exists in this world as well. Lucy is Mina’s BFF in the novel who Dracula is trying to eat.

One of these girls is in for a world of trouble. Or both. Probably both.

Written by Aria Bauer