Swerve | Chapter Ten: Iris

As promised, Elise returns the following morning to see her mom, Iris. If you recall, Elise (Belle) divulges that her mother committed suicide when she was a teen and life's never been the same since. Well apparently it was all a lie. As Elise narrates the beginning of the episode, we learn that while her mom did have an alcohol problem, she also didn't die that night in the closet. No, the ring snapped and she passed out on the floor so what does Elise do? She puts her to bed and leaves, never looking back.

Cut to present day, making it eight years since she's left and Elise really shouldn't be surprised that her mom doesn't live in the same house she grew up in, but still there's a part of her that is. She walks away and we cut to the opening sequence.

When we return audiences are greeted by the first bald man to grace our screens, Koppen (Jason Leighfield). Hopping into his car, it's hard to miss his signature bucket and white jumpsuit. We follow him as he goes through the drive thru of a fast food restaurant and we watch as he sadly eats it in his van. The camera's focused on Koppen in a way that we get to see his cell phone and gun casually next to him on the passenger seat but what we weren't expecting was for the gun to disappear in a matter of seconds as Koppen's attention diverts to his phone.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome back Mr. Nobody (Holtz) who quickly cocks the gun at Koppen and well, I'm sure you can figure out what happens next. Quickly placing the gun into Koppen's hands to make it look like a suicide, Mr. Nobody strolls out of the minivan, drinking Koppens milkshake like nothing happened. SAVAGE.

 BYE KOPPEN *waves frantically*  Credit: YouTube

BYE KOPPEN *waves frantically*
Credit: YouTube

Now if you remember from a previous episode, Koppen's head was circled on the creepy wall in Mr. Nobody's basement AND so was Stevie's...Putting two and two together, I think it's safe to say, "RUN STEVIE, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE."

Now back to what to the recap. I have a bit of a problem with the way the scenes have been cut. While the series volleys back and forth between Mr. Nobody and Elise, it's quite obvious that the time of day is different for each. For instance, in this episode, it's clearly daylight out for Elise. Meanwhile, it's dark out for the Koppen/Nobody sequence. I wonder if this is intentional for viewers to get a sense that this is happening in different timelines/different parts of the world or if this was just an oversight in editing. Either way, it makes things a bit confusing but then again when has our lovely creator ever made things straight forward ;)

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Back to Elise - She's in a phonebooth because Dain City apparently still has those and she's on the phone with someone named Gavin who seems to be quite familiar with Elise. He offers to pick her up and as Elise stands on the street waiting for him, we get a lovely scene transition to Elise standing in the rain at a cemetery.

Gavin tells her that Iris (though her tombstone says Amy) passed away four years ago and not from alcoholism, much to Elise's surprise. We get a lovely moment from Elise here in which she's probably the most emotional we've seen her since Jen passing. The episode ends here and it's honestly left me with a bunch of questions, the most important one being: Will we get to see Stevie soon? Well the answer to that is simply yes, because we've seen BTS photos of the actress on set during filming. So besides that, I am anxiously awaiting when we get to trek into Vinyl Destination and for Stevie's return!

And in breaking news - with the return of Koppen, series creator Jason Armstrong is giving away a signed cast bucket! Interested in entering to win? Fill out the form below or online, and a winner will be chosen at random! Be sure to catch the episode today and tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes.