Swerve | Chapter Eleven: Vinyl Destination

Grief is a blade in your guts. If you hold still you might avoid feeling it for a few minutes. Try to move and the blinding white flash of agony comes rushing up from the deepest parts of you.
— Swerve

Ask and ye shall receive viewers because it is off to Vinyl Destination we go but first, let's tune into that Elise (Belle) opening narrative, in which she tries to wrap her head around what she's feelings after the news of her mother.

We cut to an outside shot of both Paris (Miu) and Elise leaving the the motel and coincidentally run into one another and are headed to the same place, Vinyl Destination. We quickly segue to the shop itself but with a focus on a group of employees playing spin the bottle but not for what you think! Winner picks what music gets played and I honestly can't think of a fairer way to decide that. 

You're instantly thrown into the shop's vibe as a customer Marvin (David John Phillips) argues with one of the employees, Coop (Tarick Glancy) over which Led Zeppelin album is the greatest. Shortly after, Elise and Paris show up, Marvin and Paris exchange pleasantries and then we're instantly swept into more Vinyl Destination crew members.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Out back we have Patton (Robert Homer) and Carly (Deanna Little) who while bantering about work, shift to talking about more personal aspects of their lives, like their sobriety. They quickly mention group therapy before they can go any further Laird (Nocent) joins in confirming that night's session which leads me to wonder the following:

  • Are these band of misfits Laird's personal project?
  • Has he been trying to save others the way he wasn't able to save Elise?
  • What kind of pizza is he bringing to group?
  • Was Vinyl Destination his saving grace too?
  • What kind of back stories do the Vinyl Destination employees have?
Has Elise finally found a place she feels she can call home? Credit: YouTube

Has Elise finally found a place she feels she can call home?
Credit: YouTube

Now back to what you came here for. Inside Laird walks in and finds Elise already in discussion with Coop over Led Zeppelin and the episode ends shortly after that. Chapter 11 is short and not in a way that's satisfying but the episode gives you an idea of the newest cast members and their characters, who I'm sure are bound to get into some sort of trouble future, hopefully!

Catch the chapter 11 below and tune in tonight for a new episode and if you haven't already - check out our previous recaps and our exclusive giveaway!