Swerve | Chapter Eight: Things We Hold Back

Last on Swerve our dear Elise has returned to her home of Dain City, where old wounds have been rehashed and feelings, lots and lots of feelings have emerged, more on that later though. Let's pick back up to the mystery man in a denim vest, Laird, played by Mark Nocent. Laird's the only person Elise reaches back out to when she returns home, she wasn't even sure he still lived there but there was something telling her he'd show up and he did.

It's hard to miss the instant chemistry Elise and Laird have dating back to their kindergarten days, maybe it's because they were born on the same day and maybe it's because he seems to have such a calming ability about him that keeps Elise afloat. A child prodigy, Laird left for college at the ripe age of 16 and after that, Elise lost whatever it was anchoring her to Dain and she's been on the go ever since. 

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Laird was the only person I reached out to about coming home. I didn’t know if he’d gotten my message, or if he even still lived here. But somehow i was positive he’d show up.
— Swerve

One thing's for sure though, Laird seems to be the one person that's been constant for Elise. He seems to ground her in a way that we saw Stevie and Jen ground her in the first season. Personally, I think there's a little bit more than just a friend feeling on Laird's side, but I could be wrong, but whatever his feelings are for her, I'm just glad he's around.

Now cut to a creepy ass basement where a chain hangs from a well, cue the heavy metal music because naturally Jason (Armstrong) just had to throw that in there. Enter bald man who looks like the assassin from season one AKA Mr. Nobody. He chants some weird ass words and someone chants back, creepy right? It gets creepier, Mr. Nobody starts doing pull ups using said chains because exercise apparently. You can tell he's ripped as hell and sporting some scars on his back (will this come into play later?), now get ready for the pièce de résistance. As our creepy villain (I'm assuming) gets his cardio in, he stares off to a wall covered in photos (hey Swerve backers!), photos on photos on photos are pasted to the wall, some with x's covering their faces and some with clear circles and oh yes, you better believe there's a photo of our precious Elise and Stevie. And end scene.

 Raise your hand if you miss Stevie.  Credit: YouTube

Raise your hand if you miss Stevie.
Credit: YouTube

Yeah, I know...I don't...I don't really have any words for that either so let's just go back to Laird and Elise until we have more solid evidence because, I just...I can't.

We return to Laird chilling with Elise until her bus comes. Elise brings up the question of whether or not she made the right decision in coming back home but Laird points out, did she ever really have a plan? She's good at being impulsive and quite frankly, from everything we've seen so far, it suits her. While she doesn't know how much longer she's going to be in town, we learn this much: 

  1. Elise apparently has been working on some novel on her life
  2. Laird owns Vinyl Destination (call out to chapter 7), a hip business, in a hipster town
  3. Her mother's name is Iris and for the first time in a long time, she's going to visit her

So how do you guys feel about all of this? Personally, I feel like Elise is making steps toward being the person she's always wanted to be. Is that cheesy to say? I think it is, but given everything she's been through in her past and then what she's recently gone through with losing Jen and her relationship with Stevie, I think she's realizing she can have the life she wants and maybe it is worth fighting for, instead of accepting whatever crap comes her way. Right or wrong, we'll find out soon. Drop a line in the comment box or tweet us your thoughts on the recent episode and if you haven't watched yet, check it out below.