Swerve | Chapter Nine: Hunger

Similar to last season Swerve doesn't make their audience wait in terms of where things pick back up from episode to episode and to be honest, it's kind of a nice. Which is why we find ourselves in a ratty motel with Elise (Belle), as she goes through what we only assume is her diary.

 Dear Diary...I miss Stevie. There, I said it.  Credit: YouTube

Dear Diary...I miss Stevie. There, I said it.
Credit: YouTube

I think this is the first time we hear about Elise's ambitions in life. Her and Laird (Nocent) had a plan that by 25, they'd be millionaires, him doing something brilliant and Elise being a best-selling author. Instead, she dropped out of high school at 16 and her plans suddenly ceased to exist. The irony in that she narrates the series isn't lost on me and it's quite sad if I'm being honest. She goes on to describe how she felt paralyzed, by the world around her, by the blank spaces in her journal, unable to do anything.

The episode does its magic and cuts to Elise hugging her stomach slightly as the title of episode nine appears on screen: Hunger. I will say that compared to other episode titles of the series thus far, this one intrigues me. It's left up for a lot of interpretation and if I know Jason (Armstrong) like I think I do, it's most definitely intentional. While the image of Elise holding her stomach most likely insinuates hunger for actual food (which segues to her looking for some next), I think it also subtly hints at her hunger for more in life. More than just ratty motels and hitchhiking. I think Elise is hungry for more than what she has and I'm hoping that she's actually going to do something about it. 

As I mentioned earlier, Elise is hangry, so she moseys down the hallway in search of something to eat but instead finds herself face-to-face with the lovely singer from the bar earlier that evening. Small world, huh? Elise is more or less disappointed that there are zero vending machines in the motel but Paris (Miu) is more than happy to deliver her some food from the kitchen. If Elise looks like she's blushing, it's because she is. Paris lets her know she'll swing by in a few ending the scene and cutting us back to creepy Mr. Nobody (Holtz).

Mr. Nobody's packing up his hummer, because of course he'd have a fucking hummer, with boxes of which I only assume are full of weird cult-ish things. He says goodbye to his daughter, played by Kat Inokai's daughter IRL, and then to his wife who once again speaks in another language (which we later find out is Greek thanks to Armstrong's latest Twitter thread!) 

 Elise - let's be real, you always look good.  Credit: YouTube

Elise - let's be real, you always look good.
Credit: YouTube

Cut back to Elise and to a lovely little scene that reminds us all that Elise is very much human and very much still feels things. With Paris returning any second with food, Elise does her best to tidy up and PRIMP HERSELF. You read that correctly, primp herself because girl is coming over, but like, let's be real she's no Stevie (yes, I'm still bitter that we don't know where she is or what happened to her).

Paris arrives and they share some googly eyes over the sandwiches she was able to nab from the kitchen. There's an award silence because Elise wouldn't be Elise without some awkward interaction but here's where I feel like she makes progress. Instead of letting Paris leave, she more or less asks her to stay and eat with her, which is very not Elise but it's great at the same time. So how did this episode make you guys feel? I'm proud of Elise for putting herself out there and very much taking a step outside of her comfort zone. I'm left wondering wtf Mr. Nobody is up to and where he's going. So many questions and still so much time left to find out. Check out episode nine below and tune in Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes. Also go bother Jason on Twitter for answers. He secretly likes it.