Swerve | Chapter Five: The Last Communion

My dear viewers, Swerve series came to an end last night and judging by many of your reactions we're all pretty much in the same boat. My emotions ranged from happiness with Stevie (Emily Alatalo) alive, sadness at Jen's (Kat Inokia) realization and then a bit of bitterness for the story ending so open-ended. Overall, I enjoyed the series. Not many web series have been able to keep my attention for seven to ten minutes. While I wish the series was longer, it was tastefully done in a way that I would absolutely binge it again, after I recover of course!

Before we jump into anything else, I want to highlight the performances of all three actors. The amount of character development and emotion elicited from them is phenomenal. Never have I felt a larger connection to characters than I have in the short time the series has aired. Now that we're done with this gushy shit, onto the recap!

We begin again with an opening monologue from Elise (Sharon Belle) talking once again about the swerve, as highlighted in episode one. I found it ironic considering we've not come full circle with the finale episode.

I think it's important to note that for the first time in her life, Elise hasn't been the cause of her swerve. She says, "sometimes you're the passenger when a swerve happens but the driver isn't a person. It's reality or perception." I think this confession speaks loads, considering what unfolds in this episode. Elise continues to say that she's ready to ruin a friendship with the admittance of her feelings for Stevie which I think is so ridiculously brave because for once, she's fighting for something that she wants even if it's going to hurt.

 All the feels. ALL OF THEM.  Credit: YouTube

All the feels. ALL OF THEM.
Credit: YouTube

 Annnnnd plot twist.  Credit: YouTube

Annnnnd plot twist.
Credit: YouTube

We don't get to see this happen however, because Stevie greets her, YES SHE'S ALIVE, and she's in tears. My first thought is, what the fuck did Koppen (Jason Leighfield) do, but she simply shakes her head and tell Elise that he just needed a place to crash. She's still crying and tells Elise she's received some awful news, that's as much as we get out of her because the camera pans away and we see a black and white photo of Jen, next to her gun...A photo similar to the one we saw in episode three of Stevie and the mysterious man.

SO GUESS WHAT, STEVIE'S A FUCKING HITMAN. A theory I kept to myself because I really wanted to believe she wasn't, but thinking about her storyline, it all makes sense. So I'm here to wonder if Koppen running into them the night before was a set up. Then I remember episode three and it was Jen telling Elise that it was Stevie's idea to go into town that night, leading me to believe that she was meant to meet up with Koppen for her next assignment.

So back to the plot. Right. Plot, no tears here.

We fade out and back in to Elise and Jen's cottage, it's nighttime and she's quickly joined by Jen and Stevie who whips out another bottle of wine and candles, because why not? We get another montage that I've come to embrace as it gives us a quick way to see their interactions with each other without having to go too in-depth with things. 

Jen however has been different all night and I've made sure to keep my eye on Stevie after our recent revelation of what she really does for work and it's honestly heartbreaking. Jen starts to talk about how much each girl means to her. Complimenting Elise's ability to speak so poetically and Stevie's ability to be so in sync with the universe around her. It's honestly like she's giving a eulogy...but at her own funeral. It honestly feels like she's saying goodbye. Which we all know...She is.

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Jen then takes out three long white candlesticks. She talks about how her journey was definitely meant to be a lonely one when she first went out to the cottage, but then she met Elise and lights her candle with her own, and then Stevie's. Signifying their journey and connection together, then all at once, they light the middle candle together. Jen calls this moment corny, I would too but I'm too emotionally attached to these characters to say otherwise. Another tidbit we do get is that they've now been together a month, which is well done on Jason's (Armstrong) part because the writing has been so fluid the entire way that I honestly could've believed this was a year long journey.

Elise seems to really enjoy this tender moment until Jen blows out her candle saying that she knows if one of their lights goes out, the one they made together will keep burning. HOW'S THAT FOR FORESHADOWING? We pan to Stevie and immediately she looks concerned, as she should while Elise just looks confused.

 Same Stevie, same.  Credit: YouTube

Same Stevie, same.
Credit: YouTube

The girls group hug, Stevie quickly sits back down to chug the rest of her wine while Elise and Jen have a cute moment. I do love this because the bond between Elise and Jen seem to be the strongest, despite Stevie and Jen's early on interactions. Elise excuses herself to the out house leaving Stevie and Jen alone and the tension is so damn real. I think deep down Stevie knows that Jen knows and it's honestly just very sad.

Jen looks at Stevie and suggests they go for a walk down by the water...Not knowing Elise was still nearby, we hear her answer in the distance. Jen continues to look at Stevie who basically is the definition of uncomfortable at this point. Jen then takes an envelope out and places it in front of their unity candle. Elise's name is clearly written on the front and then the waterworks begin.


Credit: YouTube

Stevie stands and hugs her. There aren't any words she can say at this point. Jen hugs her just as tight, tears flowing and she tells her that it's okay, she knew the first night they met because her soul had whispered it to hers after their intense staring moment, which if you recall resulted in both of them tearing up as well.

Stevie hugs her even tighter and tries to mutter out, "I didn't know until..." but Jen just tells her it's okay. This moment really kills me...Because Jen has basically known this entire time that this woman was going to be the reason she dies and yet she still continued to have a relationship with her. She still opened herself up to her and embraced that friendship despite everything.

The acting throughout the entire series has been amazing, but this moment is what truly sold me. Knowing the secrets that both girls were holding and then re-watching the series is earth shattering. I picked up on gestures that I overlooked previously and see it in a new light.

The girls' interactions with Koppen the night before for instance is just one. Remember how Jen invites Koppen to join them? Rewatch the scene and you'll see Stevie somewhat hesitant. Every action I saw as flirty was really more of Koppen enjoying Stevie be uncomfortable. Keep in mind as well that Stevie had no idea who her mark was until later that night when her and Koppen were alone.

We now resume our recap! We cut to Elise leaving the out house, she finds a bag of Jen's prescription bottles but this time they're empty. I do wonder if maybe she took all her pills...But then it wouldn't explain her and Stevie going for a walk by the water. Elise panicks and makes her way to the cottage to find it empty with the note left by Jen. 

 WHAT DOES IT SAY?  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

 Oof.  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

She hesitantly reads the letter, a letter I am dying to know the contents to and the reaction is almost immediate. Elise begins to cry and is shortly joined by Stevie who stands in the background and that's how this wonderful series ends.

I'm left with a lot of mixed emotions as I stated earlier. Things are left very open-ended that a second season could seem likely, or even a one off video to see where Elise and Stevie are at now. 

I'd like to thank the cast and crew behind the series. It was shot over just a few days and is a true testament of how a great story can be carried out with the right amount of passion. And a big thanks to everyone who joined us for #SwerveNTN chats every night this week! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and stay tuned for some lovely interviews we'll be sharing with you soon! 

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