Swerve | Chapter Four: Girl's Night Out

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

These two women, I feel so incredibly mysteriously close to them, but also a million miles away.
— Swerve

Last night's episode still has us quite hungover ending just below seven minutes, the series shortest episode.

We open with Elise's (Sharon Belle) monologue, something we've come to expect. This episode's monologue focused on Jen (Kat Inokai) and Stevie (Emily Alatalo) and Elise perceptions of them. Jen's described as a passionate, open and caring person but Elise can't help but feel like she's hiding the real reason she's there. Then there's Stevie, she's an adventurous whirlwind and best yet, she gives Elise butterflies. Elise can't quite get a read on their relationship, she knows they're friends, absolutely but more? Maybe not, but also...Elise kind of hopes there's room to be more.

The episode takes place in town at a local bar. They're having fun and what seems like a casual night out apparently is more than that as Stevie wishes Jen a happy birthday, something Elise was unaware of. Surprisingly though, she isn't upset that she didn't know, maybe it's the alcohol, maybe it's the character development, who's to say? At the end of the day, I'm just happy to see my precious Elise thriving and happy.

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

The non-verbal acting in this episode is HUGE! Elise keeps taking glances at Stevie and smiling, Stevie is sometimes taking peeks at Elise. It's all very sixth grade, lunch room romance. Until their server comes over and tells them that a man at the bar would like to buy them some drinks. And I mean, come on, who's going to turn down free drinks?

Jen invites him over and low and behold it's Koppen (Jason Leighfield) our lovely hit man from episode one! Everyone's quite receptive to him joining them, everyone except Elise but she does a great job at hiding her discomfort and does her best to go with the flow.

We get another montage of the four drinking, enjoying their night and a very flirty Stevie laughing at some nauseating joke Koppen's telling them. Elise on the other hand is not having it. When the moment's right, Elise let's them know she isn't feeling well and should probably head back, Jen seems okay with it since they all drove together, Stevie is...Stevie but Koppen offers to drive the other two girls home later if they want to stay.

To say Elise is disappointed that neither girl wanted or even offered to go back with her is disappointing. The hurt and lack of emotion in her response is blatantly obvious that she's upset and I'm really hating on the others but it is Jen's birthday after all.

But here's the kicker.

 Shade. Shade everywhere.  Credit: YouTube

Shade. Shade everywhere.
Credit: YouTube

Stevie throws some shade to Elise before taking a sip of her drinking, which she's probably had too much of at this point and says, "You remember how to get back?" there is some crazy bite in the question but Elise barely acknowledges her as she goes to hug Jen goodbye and not Stevie. Which by the way Stevie, we see that side eye girl, and we'll get to the chip on your shoulder later.

The three left cheers their drink and the screen fades to black only to open again on Elise, the following morning. She's standing on the deck looking towards Stevie's cottage and a man, who I assume is Koppen is seen leaving. GIRL IS PISSED. Jen walks out and is happy someone got laid last night but Elise is NOT. HAVING. IT. Jen asks her what's wrong and Elise finally tells her about the mixed signals and how sick she is of them, leaving Jen confused because she thought Elise didn't swing that way. Oh honey.

So Elise, determined as ever stomps over to Stevie's cottage, while music begins to play with the lyrics, "what the fuck is going on..." because, how perfect. Elise knocks on Stevie's door as she calls out her name. She walks in and then boom, roll credits.

I know you're pissed because I'm pissed too. We knew what we were getting into with cliffhangers but with tonight's upcoming finale, my emotions are a wreck. There are so many questions...SO MANY. Why was Stevie so shady? IS STEVIE EVEN ALIVE? If you recall back to the first episode, Koppen was on the phone talking about someone who was sick and needing "it" to look like an accident. Was it about Stevie? What about Jen's back story? Do we get more? HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE KNOWING THERE'S ONLY ONE EPISODE LEFT? What if Stevie is alive and she's not the target? Does she recognize Koppen from her days as a cop? THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Together, we'll get through it together, much like this impending doom of the next four years in the U.S. Join us tonight for our final #SwerveNTN chat and tune in at 9 PM EST for the Swerve finale! Also remember to tell the cast and crew how much you love them because they suffered filming sans electricity and water just to bring this project to life!

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