Swerve | Chapter Two: The Girl on the Deck

 All of the chills.  Credit: YouTube

All of the chills.
Credit: YouTube

Welcome back Swervers and wasn't last night a freaking whirlwind (and we're not talking about the election, although BOO).

We open again with a monologue from Elise (Sharon Belle) recalling a dream she frequently had as a child, a creepy one at that. Elise constantly found herself standing in the doorway of what led to the throne room of God and every time she steps through to, "turn the world on its head and prove he existed," she'd only be met with him dead on his throne. The dreams did stop eventually, only as she entered her teen years, but the memories left her forever with the impression that God had abandoned the world whether because he had or on his own accord.

 Doesn't everyone laugh after having a gun pointed at them?  Credit: YouTube

Doesn't everyone laugh after having a gun pointed at them?
Credit: YouTube

This confession leads me to believe that Elise is someone who's looking for something to believe in. For some connection to someone or something. I particularly like Elise's confession being matched to a well-edited scene in which the room flickers from light to dark with pieces of the characters fitting in until we cut to the scene we left during episode one.

The girl who wielded a gun is suddenly laughing and introducing herself as Stevie (Emily Alatalo) meanwhile Jen (Kat Inokai) is literally shaking in her spot. Kudos to Inokai for really nailing that reaction. Stevie goes on to explain she's a cop and renting the cottage next to theirs but her deck doesn't get any sun hence why she's there. She feels a bit embarrassed and moves quickly to gather her items but Jen tells her to stop being silly and help them unload, for which she'll receive quite a few alcoholic beverages if she wants them.

Stevie agrees and as she goes to throw on clothes over her bathing suit Elise, who has remained silent, is awkwardly staring at Stevie who totally notices and replies, "Nice view, huh?" while she trains her eyes on Elise giving her the smile of all smiles.

Cut to a montage of the girls settling into the cottage, drinking, talking while "Gravity" by Umpire ft. Liz Kretschemer plays in the background. While most montages are meant to help speed up a scene or show intervals of times, I appreciated this one mainly because if you take the time to watch it focusing on each character, you can get a better feel for them based on their non-verbal actions.

For example, the entirety of the montage we barely get expression from Elise. She's very rigid. The moment we see any emotion from her is when the girls unpack a plastic chicken, because why not, and she bursts into laughter. If there's one thing I've concluded from "Chapter Two," is that this episode is very much about emotion and connection.

 Casual hangout with strangers.  Credit: YouTube

Casual hangout with strangers.
Credit: YouTube

 Eyes up Jen, JK that's a gnarly scar though Stevie.  Credit: YouTube

Eyes up Jen, JK that's a gnarly scar though Stevie.
Credit: YouTube

When night comes the girls are still together and this time it's Stevie we get to learn more about. We already know she's a cop, but what we don't know is that she's an ex-cop. She suffered an aneurysm, basically stifling her career to a desk to which she happily declined opting for the severance package instead after learning she was basically a ticking time bomb. Knowing that, I can honestly say I understand her character a bit more. Right off the bat she's very go-with-the-flow and just open to whatever comes her way. I suppose knowing that death is closer than it should be to you changes a person.

Anyways - Stevie talks about feeling in limbo, trying to figure out what to do next, little does she know that her new friends are also in the same boat. One running from a failed relationship, the other in search of ghosts of herself. Things take a bit of a turn after Stevie divulges her baggage and out of nowhere really compliments Jen's eyes followed immediately by a shot of Elise who looks, dare I say it...jealous? 

Yeah, she jealous.

 Wonderful.  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

I think it’s hard for people to tell the truth, not because we’re liars. It’s because we’re unreliable witnesses to our lies.
— Swerve

My favorite line of the series so far comes from Stevie (quoted below). The next thing you know, Stevie's going on about the three-minute eye contact theory stating that in just three minutes of uninterrupted eye contact, you can learn more about a person than you would from a conversation.

So naturally, she tests the theory with Jen. Drawing even more jealous shade from Elise. I liked watching Jen and Stevie do this, the raw emotions they elicited are just fantastic and I don't think the actors get enough credit for how amazing it truly turned out. They're smiling at first and slowly it turns into both of them crying and feeling a bit more connected to one another. Meanwhile, Elise has awkwardly been watching them before looking away. I think in a way she felt like she was violating an intimate moment between the two women she's just met and Belle is able to capture that wonderfully. 

Jen tells Stevie to do it with Elise (lay all insinuations you want here) who joins Elise on the counter top and in a kinda, sorta flirty way tries to sway Elise to try it with her too. Jen is off to bed and for a minute Elise actually looks excited to do this despite her obvious discomfort. Stevie scoots closer and I can't help but think this is a pretty romantic...candles, cottage, bunk beds...the whole shebang but that's neither here nor there.

 Me, nervous? Pft...   Credit: YouTube

Me, nervous? Pft...
Credit: YouTube

 *HOLDS BREATH*   Credit: YouTube

 Credit: YouTube

Elise remains rather emotionless while Jen is flashing, her eyes trained on Elise's with a subtle slip to look at her lips and then back at her eyes. I loved watching both girls hesitantly lean forward and then back as they try to figure out what the other's thinking. But then Stevie seems to think, "fuck it," as she leans in and then the screen cuts to the end title page because cliffhanger.

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