Trailer Tuesday | May 31, 2016

Check out our picks for this week's Trailer Tuesday! Immerse yourself into some new and not-so-new web series trailers!

Beards University best friends, Natalie and Adrian use themselves as, you guessed it, beards! In an effort to keep themselves from having to come out! Follow the BFF's as they find it harder to fake their little lie! Six episodes are available now through Proud Pictures.

Personal Space - A reality show set in space...but here's the catch, the people being filmed, don't know they're being filmed. The series features an amazing cast and The Truman Show type humor! It also recently reached their Kickstarter goal!

#WhoKilledHeather - From Radar Studios comes their first web series! College student Andrew Olson dives into finding the person responsible for another student's murder. The series drops later this summer.

How to Buy a Baby - A not so fertile couple seeks advice on how to get pregnant from friends, family, maybe strangers and of course, their doctor. So basically everyone! It's a no-filter, hilarious series and is currently competing for the Independent Production Fund (IPF).   

Sudden Master - Available now on KindaTV, the series follows Alex Cheng and how she manages her family's legacy in an underground Martial Arts competition. Think Fight Club but with real Martial Arts specialists and kickass women!

You Can Do Better - Kayla Hairy is 24 and currently working as a cat obituary reporter (yes, you read that correctly). She's a bit weird but there's lots to love. The hilarious UK project is currently seeking funding via Indiegogo.

Check back next week for more Trailer Tuesday picks and be sure to keep an eye out for these series on Twitter!