Trailer Tuesday | June 14, 2016

Happy Tuesday everyone! In honor of the 2016 IPF recipients that were just announced yesterday, we're showcasing six of our favorites for today's Trailer Tuesday! Check them out below!

Kristal Clear - Who are you really, when you're alone? The series focuses on the life of selfie queen and social media hot shot, Kristal, and her life when she suddenly becomes invisible. Not like Casper the ghost invisible but, look into a mirror and can't see yourself invisible. The series even features great social media accounts documenting Kristal's life.

People Watching - An animated series produced by Lapaire Productions, the series is a hilarious take on the average people living in your average city. The trailer provides colorful commentary and laugh out loud background stories on the people seen during their people watching.

Riding Hood - Produced by Yellow Bear Studios, this series takes a dark and twisted turn as a university student stumbles upon the victim of a violent crime, finding himself caught between the police and a retired serial killer. The Wolf Lives, call (647) 559-3029.

Save Me - Goldie is a 30-something paramedic who can't seem to get his own life together, but when it comes to making life changing decisions for those he treats, it's no sweat. The series follows his life and the patients he encounters during 911 calls and the hilarious stories he comes across.

Running with Violet - Violet is three-years-old when her closeted mother, Jolene, decides to hit the road with her friend Miranda who commits a violent crime. The three take to the dangerous open road, ditching their small town home, on the search for freedom. 

Uberdude - In its second season, the series follows Uberdude and the Good Guys as they take on a 50-foot pop star who eats his fans. The series is choose-your-own, meaning at the end of every episode you get to pick which path you think your hero should take!

Check back next week for more trailer picks and you can find the full list of winners here.