Trailer Tuesday | October 11, 2016

Adder Mountain - Ten Minutes Tops Productions presents a modern version of an Appalachian Macbeth. Created by Linda Goetz the series features southern gothic storylines complete with magic, snakes and more. The first three episodes are available now:

Away From it All - Premiering October 20, the modern adaption of 'Far From the Madding Crowd' tells its story through "private" and public vlogs. The web series is ready to hook viewers in with its various multimedia methods. For more information check out their official Tumblr

Lovely Little Losers - Created by The Candle Wasters comes the sequel to their previous web series, Nothing Much To Do. Inspired by another Shakespeare play, the series takes place in a flat in Wellington where four students decide to put into place a set of ridiculous rules in which penalties are doled out, if broken. You can catch the entire series now.

Auckward Love - Created by Holly Shervey, the New Zealand web series follows Alice as her three best friends throw her into the deep end of diving, whether she's ready for it or not. The successful series is into its second season and can be binged now!

Down with David - It's down right raunchy, it's based on a true story, it's Down with David. An actor struggling to make ends meet, David turns to dancing at a gay nightclub to help pay the bills. Starring Derek Nelson, you can check out the six-episode series now to get down with David.

Notas Aparte - A Spanish web series debuting later this month, Notas Aparte was created in an effort to making coming out a little bit simpler for women who feel pressure by society for admitting who they really are. Join Sara on her journey to self-discovery and don't be afraid to make fun of Sara (and yourself) along the way!