Trailer Tuesday | January 2, 2018

ChapstickAn answer to the lack of LGBTQ content out there, Chapstick features two Chicago creators who love to have a laugh at themselves. You can check out the complete first season today and new episodes of the second season. Watch now.

Mustache BrigadeWhat would happen if Quentin Tarantino created a move for Monty Python? Well you're about to find out in this vigilante series where fake mustaches are used as a mask to one's true identity. Watch now.

Secret InformantHosted by Riley Murdock, this series looks to take to the streets and take in the most authentic culture food there is, with the help of trusted insiders. Check out the trailer and their Kickstarter campaign.

Man-O -  Trigger Warning: Created to help fight the stigma against Manorexia, the series follows Owen, a 25-year-old suffering from anorexia nervosa. The seven-episode series follows the days leading up to his inpatient treatment. Watch now.

Out of ItWhen three best friends from college reunite at their old student bar for a night out things are bound to happen, especially when the reality sets in that they're all bordering 30. The pilot episode is available today. Watch now.

#ToothfairiesTooth fairies are real and they come in the form of fairies that actually need YOUR money to stay in business because Corporate America, ya know? They're also sassy af. You can catch the first two seasons today. Watch now.