Trailer Tuesday | January 3, 2017

DJ World - From artist Dillon Francis comes his web seires, DJ World. Six DJs are picked to live in a house and have their lives taped! It's a hilarious spin on Real World, and is just as entertaining. Watch it.

Last Two People on Earth - When a biological attack hits, devastating the world, it's just Peter and Dana left and they're the absolute worst. Check out this series' hilarious spin on what it's like being the lone survivors. Watch it.

Social Medium - Meet Beatrix Beckett, your modern day psychic as she tackles supernatural threats, one vlog at a time. You can check out the entire series today! Watch it.

Hey Yun - This mockumentary web series follows a 30-something avant garde videographer living in New York capturing the city's finest. The first two seasons are available now. Watch it.

Or so the Story Goes: Golden Rule - OSTSG is back with their  their modern take of Rumpelstiltskin in the form of a slasher series that's taunting the community of Kingstown. Keep an eye out for the series this year!

Wildcats - If Bring it On were a web series, this is what it would be like. They're sassy, they're catty, they're cheerleaders. Check out the dramedy that is Wildcats today. Watch it.