Trailer Tuesday | October 4, 2016

As We AreFrom Moggy Productions comes their first LGBTQ web series. Called a love letter to the beautiful city of Brighton, the series will follow the core cast as they deal with love, friendships, identity and the complexities of attraction. The series is slated to air later this fall.

Mina Murray's Journal - Meet Mina Murray, a fresh face in the literary web series world as a modern day Dracula series is brought to life! Mina is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to check travel to Transylvania for work. Hesitant at first but she ultimately accepts and vlogs all about it. You can catch the first two episodes here, with new episodes airing every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Sublets Three roommates, two good friends and one kinda eh roommate. The comedic web series brings you an inside look at what it's like trying to sublet your apartment and keep your sanity. Season one is available now!

CTRL.ALT.DEL - Meet Carson Clarke, she's a lazy cute girl with zero ambition and after a fight with her boyfriend, finds herself needing to find a job ASAP. Long story short, she finds one and that's when the adventures begin. Check out the entire series on YouTube today and get to know all about Carson.

Noirhouse - Featuring a hard-boiled detective, a sultry femme-fatale and a sentimental Russian thug, this modern day noir series brings much needed attention to a genre less explored in the web series industry. Set in a suburban sharehouse, we join our three leads as they deal with each other, utilities and dun dun The entire series is available now.

The Better Half - Meet Amy and Lindsay as they tackle day-to-day issues on what it's like to be in a relationship, post-honeymoon phase. The series brings such a positive representation to LGBTQ characters and shows you the heartache of relationships regardless of your sexual preference. Catch the entire series on Vimeo now for just $10.00.