Trailer Tuesday | January 10, 2017

A Document of Madness - From The Borrowers that Lend comes a vlog series based on Shakespeare's play Hamlet. The series follows the central character, Hamlet, a college freshman and his journey to avenge the murder of his brother Kingsley. Catch the entire first season here and check out their season two teaser as well!

Nothing Like the Sun - From Discordia Productions comes a vlog series and sequel to Call Me Katie, based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. The series follows the lives of everyone after high school after George Bates is commissioned to create a video for Rosalind and Orlando's wedding, and vlogs about the process. You can catch the season now, with new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 3 AM EST.

Pot Luck - Three friends make a pact, which turns their weekly Pot Luck dinners into a search for love...or not. KindaTV's latest series follows Debs, Beth and Mel as they work their ways through friendship, family and finding love. You can catch the first three episodes now and with three new episodes this Thursday at 11 AM EST.

Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis - Hermione Granger is your average 25-year-old. She has no idea where she belongs, her love life is...scarce and exercise seems to be a thing of inconvenience more than anything. See what happens when she decides to write her own ending. The series premieres January 16, 2017!

Paper Boys - In a brash decision Cole decides to move to San Francisco to leave his dead-end career and memories of a former fling in New York City. And with a newly found magical power, he's determined to become someone he's proud of with the help of his friend Daren. You can catch the first three episodes here and follow the NYC WebFest nominated series on social media to stay in touch on any updates!

Strange Days - From Dry Elbows Productions comes a web series following a teenage boy who's just in search of his own version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Take a peak at the series trailer and tune in February 2017 for the premiere!