Trailer Tuesday | November 7, 2017

#LoveMyRoomieRoommates Giselle, U'Moriah and Yasmine come together to film the beginning of their reality YouTube series and things kind of go according to plan. From YháWright Productions, you can catch two season of the series. Watch now.

Jack Marshall Can't Do ThisAs long as Jack Marshall agrees to live in a mysterious house, he receives an unexpected inheritance. It sounds simple enough but is it really? Launched in early October, this 41-episode series is looking to take transmedia to new heights. Watch now.

OldheadIn Philly, an "oldhead" is an authoritative figure in the community who passes down wisdom to the younger generation. In this series, creator Tony Chennault takes on socioeconomic issues that take place in real urban areas and the unsung heroes aka oldheads who are helping shape today's youth. Watch now.

Arun ConsidersCapturing the life of screenwriter Arun, audiences follow along as the series' lead goes through life with a voiceover featuring his dark comedic inner monologue, as Arun explores an array of taboos in two seasons. Watch now.

KarmicMargot and Josie offer their couch up to Sage, an eccentric and newly homeless yoga instructor while she works to get her life back on track, but it doesn't happen as soon as the other girls hope. The two season series dives into what it's really like to have roommates. Watch now.

The Secret Lives of Public ServantsAfter a successful crowdfunding campaign, Amen Jafri's series takes a look into the lives that public servants live after they take off the mask for their day job. Watch now.