Trailer Tuesday | November 15, 2016

Brown Girls - An intimate story of the lives of Leila, a South Asian-American writer who is questioning her sexuality and Patricia, a sex-positive Black-American musician with a problem with commitment, in every sense. The series is slated to premiere February 2017 and is presented by OpenTV.

Little Horribles - From Barnacle Studios comes a dark comedy following a 20-something-year-old lesbian who's just trying to get through life and find a girl worth introducing to mom and dad. You can binge the entire series now and keep an eye out for a cameo from a certain Broad City!

This is Fiction - Premiering in 2017, This is Fiction is a 24-episode web series, filmed over 24 hours. While the premise is still a bit of a mystery, it's captivating, taking place in what they dub one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Check them out on social media and stay tuned for a premiere date!

Bruvs - Who says cartoons are just for kids? Bruvs is an animated cartoon series following the misadventures of brothers Doug and Den who are having trouble leaving their olds lives behind and creating new ones in Essex. Watch all the mischief the brothers can't seem to avoid today.

The Perennial Plate - An interesting take on web series, this documentary series follows the travels of Daniel Klein as he travels the world sharing different sustainable foods from different cultures. The series currently has three seasons with a fourth premiering today! You can check it all out here.

Unplugged - Last week's Funding Friday feature, Unplugged is in its final week of crowdfunding to green light the series. Following the life of one girl in the early stages of her life through her teens and even into adulthood, the series is looking to give viewers the real experience of what it's like to grow up a girl. Check them out today.