Trailer Tuesday | November 28, 2017

Happy Street - A comedic crime series, audiences find out what happens when two young archaeologists dig where they're not supposed to be digging. Watch now.

Little Acorns - Meet the daycare run by adults who seem to be more childlike than the actually children themselves. A recent winner at this year's NYC Web Fest, you can catch the first season. Watch now.

Sounds of Freedom - Winner for Best Director at this year's NYC Web Fest, the moving series follows Julia, a service woman who returns from Iraq and Charlie a Vietnam Veteran, both of whom suffer from PTSD. You'll follow their life back in the States as they come to unravel a serial killer in their local town. Watch now.

Herrings - Award-winning series follows Frank Briggs, a former skip tracer turned skip maker, who erases the internet footprints of his clients. Watch now.

Save Me - A CBC original, this 10-part anthology series follows the lives of paramedics and the people they meet along the way. Created by and starring Fab Flippo, you won't want to miss this. Watch now.

Thirty - This Australian web series takes on the lives of four women in Sydney who don't quite have their lives figured out but they're loving their early 30's and living life to the fullest. Watch now.