Trailer Tuesday | January 17, 2017

Figg & Dates - Jessica Figgs is fairly happy in life. She has a great job that she loves, an awesome group of friends, The only thing missing? A special someone to share it with. The series recently debuted just last week  from Mann Bros. Media and is directed by Ben Mann, known for his award-winning webs series, (Not) Brothers. Check out the first four episodes now.

Long Dark Twenties - To say Lily and Ben are roughing it, is putting it nicely. While the rest of their friends are getting promotions, getting married and having kids, they're stuck working unfulfilling jobs and drinking their way through their long, dark twenties. So why not join them? Watch the series here.

These Two - From New Zealand comes a comedic web series following the lives of two actors going after the same parts and clashing every step of the way. Throw in the plot twist that they're also roommates and you've got yourself one hell of a series. Watch the series now.

Humdrum - Connor and Shay are your average Dorset citizens who sign up for more than they've bargained. After a rather typical boredom filled day, they suddenly find themselves dealing with drug deals and attempting to negotiate life and death situations with only their knowledge of pop culture to help them (no one said they were the brightest!). Check out the series now.

The Pearl of Africa - A documentary web series you won't want to miss, this series follows the life of Cleo, a 27-year-old Ugandan Transgender girl, biologically born male, but against all odds is transitioning into the woman she was born to be. Watch the first episode which turned into a critically acclaimed full feature film.

Whatever, Linda - It's 1978 and Linda Thoroughbred is pushing 30, divorced and downright broke. However, after given a new opportunity, Linda finds herself making millions. Watch how one woman takes on Wall Street and level the playing field in what the series calls a, "Ponzi scheme dramedy inspired by the real-life events of the Bernie Madof scandal." Watch it today!