Trailer Tuesday | November 8, 2016

Here We Waitin this world, people die and Here they appear. The mysterious web series debuted earlier this month exploring what it's like in the afterlife and the waitstaff there. Check it out now and get hooked on this awesome new series.

Inconceivable - Winner of the Storyhive web series grand prize, Inconceivable is an LGBTQ web series about Rita and her open-relationship with Adam. When things end, Rita's ready to take on her newfound lesbian world but life hits her hard when she finds out she's pregnant...With Adam's baby. Things get messy but it's great. Check out the award-winning pilot episode now.

The Uncanny Upshurs - After a successful Indiegogo campaign, the series met their $1K goal. The supernatural series from ParaFable follows twins Agatha and Wally as they vlog to keep in touch when Wally moves to America. You can check out their prologue episode and vlogs that started yesterday!

I Am Tim Helsing - Love comedy? Love horror? Then you'll want to check out this series and meet Tim Helsing, Monster Hunter. For two seasons Tim has kept the streets safe, so check out what he's up to in the upcoming season!

Little Things - India has been on the rise with the quality web series produced recently. One of them being Little Things, Dice Media's series released last month. The series follows an everyday couple living in Mumbai sharing the story of the little things in life that happen and help make up a relationship. The five-episode series airs every Wednesday until November 23rd on Dice Media.

Witchcraft - The witchy web series aired at the beginning of the month and has quickly picked up steam. The series follows three young adults who mess around magic for kicks and giggles but suddenly find themselves dealing with the consequences. Professor McGonagall would NOT be pleased. You can catch new episodes here and be sure to follow the series on Twitter to stay up-to-date!