Trailer Tuesday | December 6, 2016

Ackee & SaltfishA short film turned web series, creator Cecile Emeke shares her story of two best friends Olivia and Rachel and their everyday lives. Set in the UK the series, the actors are great with wonderful comedic timing. You can catch the series here.

All Over ItA comedic series on artists who are looking to sell out their work to anyone willing to pay them. The series is an in-depth look at artists who aren't really in it for the passion, but the payout instead. You can watch it here.

Barbelle - A new series created by kickass women is slated for 2017. Following the lives of a newly famous popstar duo, whose personal lives reap the misfortunes of a quick rise to internet fame. You might even recognize one of the leading ladies from All For One! The series is currently undergoing funding and you can help out here.

Namaste, Bitches - While most of the yoga world is known to be quite calm and full of breathing exercises, we find that this isn't the case for one LA newbie who is struggling to fit in with the West coast yogis. Downward dog into this series today.

Ladies Room - Ever wonder what really happens in the women's bathroom? Well, Y-Films is here to bring you the raunchy details with this series. The six-episode series follows two best friends as they struggle to grow up and their weird bathroom adventures. Check out the series here.

The Unwritten Rules - Ever wonder what it's like to stand out in a crowd? This series follows Racey Jones, who after accepting a job offer realizes she is the only person of color in the workplace. The three-season series is available now and should be high up on your binge list!