Trailer Tuesday | December 27, 2016

1st & Main - Starbucks delivered their first ever web series earlier this year and they're back again with their first animated web series, 1st & Main. Inspired by real-life customers and baristas, the series shares fun and unexpected stories that happen inside your neighborhood Starbucks. Check out episodes here.

Blurred - The comedic series following friends Kyle and Joe reached audiences so well that they've been gearing up for their second season! Check out the first season as the guys take on life, one misadventure at a time. Watch it here.

Riley - Meet Riley Mathis, an over-the-phone psychic, romantically-challenged, former pop star. After an embarrassingly public downfall, she's struggled with making a name for herself outside of her former life. Check out the trailer and tune in for the premiere January 17, 2017!

Baby Making Time - A comedic web series following the struggles of a couple trying to get pregnant at all costs. The series sheds light in a comedic, yet educational way on the real-life challenges couples face in the art of baby making. Learn more about there series in the their Storyhive Pitch!

Lowest Bidder - Follow bull-headed Mike "Skrudge" Venice as he goes toe-to-toe with his competitors and local government, sparing no effort to land the city of Roanoke's hottest parking enforcement contract. Check out the pilot episode here.

WingWoman - Forget Tinder and meet Sara Chambers, your modern day matchmaker. She's a ball-buster of a woman helping hopeless romantic and awkward Ben land the woman of his dreams. Needless to say, things get a bit messy as lines are blurred and feelings well, they're feelings. Check out the first four episodes now.