Trailer Tuesday | January 24, 2017

Bagged & Bored - Welcome to The Destination, your neighborhood friendly comic book store featuring some pretty adorkable characters. Comic book lovers and geeks alike will love the series and can watch the entire first series now.

My (Part-Time) Paris Life - Lisa Anselmo is a writer and a lover of all things Paris and in her web series she takes audiences on an excursion of seeing the real Paris. She bonds with locals, finds popular hole in the walls and discovers the real life behind the City of Light. Check out the series now.

Stray - Meet Jay and Rich. Two best friends who share the bro of all bromances. Jay's a brash gay dude and Rich a nerdy straight guy. They bond over their discussions of sex and relationships and shows great representation of friendships, sexual orientation be damned. The series airs this February.

Growing Down - We all knew we'd have to grow up one day but the memo hasn't quite made its way to three best friends living in New York. The seriesn explores their varying personalities as they try to find a balance between growing up and growing down. Watch now.

Quirky Female Protagonist - #QFP is a comedic series taking on the staple stereotyped characters often found on TV. You'll meet Straight Laced Bestie, Kooky Neighbor, Wise Bartender, Platonic Male Friend, Unattainable Hottie and more. It's an homage to The Mindy Project and we absolutely see why! Check it out now.

You're So Talented - Bea is your typical Chicago actress struggling with finding work and keeping it. It's a realistic take on navigating your 20's dealing with the misfortunes that are thrown your way. Sam Bailey shines as Bea and creator of the series and you can binge the entire series now!