Trailer Tuesday | January 31, 2017

Giants - From Issa Rae's production company comes a new series created by James Bland and executively produced by Jussie Smollett (Empire). The series explores social issues that are ignored or stigmatized in the black community as the story follows three friends. Catch the first episode here, and tune in every Wednesday for new episodes at 8 PM EST.

Northbound - The critically acclaimed series Northbound is back for a second season. After completing a successful round of funding via Kickstarter, the series has completed the four-episode opener of the second season. The series is completely filmed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and will premiere later this Spring! 

(un)balanced - This new comedic series follows Melissa, your average New Yorker just trying to find her balance in life. Through this 5-episode series, Melissa attempts, keyword attempts, to fit into the "new age" lifestyle of meditation, acupuncture, yoga, juice cleanses and more. Catch new episodes here

Have A Nice Day - From One Chaunce Media Group comes a web series following five individuals, coping with their personal lives and the daily drama that ensues working at your friendly neighborhood call center. The series uses a longer format than most web series but it hardly feels that way when you get to watching. Check out the first two episodes today.

Scary Endings - Gird your loins folks because this horror anthology series is one you'll want to watch with the lights on! Once a month WhereistheRockHammer's YouTube channel debuted a new and terrifying episode. If you think you can handle it, you can catch them all here.

When Fact Met Fiction - Jon Frank is a young romance novelist who meets Olivia Smith, a recent college graduation. Both work together at Southern Sunset, a small up-and-coming southern lifestyle magazine, when their lives get turned upside down. While Olivia is career-focused and avoiding love at all costs, Jon is doing everything in his power to make her fall in love...with him. Watch the episodes here.