Trailer Tuesday | February 7, 2017

The Crawler in the Dark - Set in Japan's Meiji era, the series follows Charles T. Wayland and his friend Hidekichi who finds a strange artifact that allows for them to travel between worlds. The mystery doesn't end there as Charles finds out that Hidekichi is hiding even more from him. Catch the award-winning series today.

Rachel UnraveledA comedic musical web series, Rachel Unraveled follows the young-actress-moves-to-NYC trope. Rachel Ravel works as an actress/singer, but really more of a dog whisperer as she tries to make it big in NYC. The satire-filled series will have you crying from laughter and wanting more. Check out the first episode today.

Transition to Power - On the Real Film, in collaboration with Sixty Inches from Center, created a documentary web series in response to the 2016 United States Presidential Election. The series takes a deep dive into the aftermath of the shocking election from the eye of artists and creatives. Watch the moving series today.

Floaters - It's a time in which humans or Floaters, are living in space in a neighborhood known to locals as Dymaxion City that orbits the Earth. The first season gives audiences an inside look at the ins and outs of everyday existence in the near-future and the surprisingly normality of it all, despite living in space! Watch it here.

Rewind - A story following Max, a young photographer who suddenly finds himself with the ability to go back into time with his childhood best friend, Charlie. The duo find themselves investigating nearby issues while Max struggles with his new power. An original live-action web series based on the big game Life is Strange, you can watch now.

The Weekend Detectives - You've heard of weekend warriors but have you heard of weekend detectives? Alex and Alice are twins, part-time cops and probably the most under-qualified detectives you'll ever meet. Thrown into the line of duty after their father, the former Chief of Police passes away, the twins try to fulfill his last dying wish. Check out the comedic series now.