Trailer Tuesday | March 7, 2017

After Pluto - This A Right Forever Productions series follows best selling author Truman Welles as she settles into the next chapter of her life. But after enduring a tragic accident, she loses 10 years of her memory, basically giving her a universal rewrite. Check out the first episode now.

Clairevoyant - Created by Carmilla alums, Annie Briggs and Natasha Negovanlis, are reunited as Claire and Ruby or as they soon dub themselves, The Seer Sisters! After finding themselves in a pit of debt they claw their way out by launching an online psychic website. Check out the IPF concept and get to sharing the trailer!

The Next Four Years - Phil and Ana are recent college grads and as cute as their naivety is they're in for a rude awakening as they begin their lives after college. What they thought would be a home run is sooner starting to look like a swing and a miss. Check out the first three episodes today!

Branded - If you work in marketing or in the PR field, you probably have a hard time explaining to people what exactly it is you do. From Shift2 comes their IPF submission, following the struggles and highlights of working with ridiculous clients. Check out their trailer and be sure to share it with friends!

Kate - Kate's your typical small town girl with dreams of living in the big city. On a whim, she drops everything and Toronto. In search of a new life and a change of scenery, this series is hoping to land some IPF funding to share Kate's story and the highs and lows of her new journey. 

Swerve: Going Home - Skeleton Key Films is back with a second season of Swerve, starring Sharon Belle. Picking up from where it left off last, audiences will have a front seat to Elise's homecoming and learn more about her past.