Trailer Tuesday | March 14, 2017

Darkland - From Ethereum Films comes their anthology sci-fi/horror series, Darkland. In a limbo of reality, audiences should prepare themselves to be intrigued, nervous and honestly a bit scared shitless. Share the trailer and tell us your favorite part!

Little Piggies - Katie's your typical Podiatry Intern in that she loves feet, like a lot and as adorable as she is, she still has trouble in the love department. With the help of her BBGG Jay and her commitment-phone BFF, 'Vieve, here's hoping Katie finds that special someone. Check out the work created by Erin McGechaen and help share the IPF trailer!

Tokens - You know how in every film or show there's that "token" character? Well this IPF series is taking it to the next level. From Winnifred Jong comes a comedic series about actors who work for an "On Call" casting agency that blindly sends actors to shows needing to satisfy a diversity mandate. With a company motto like, "We Check Your Boxes," what's to go wrong? Share the trailer and show this series some IPF love!

FAK YAAS - Nico's your typical gay party frat boy, but after his grandfather falls ill, he has no choice but to return home to care for him...Oh and did we mention he's just a tad bit homophobic? Check out this IPF trailer and share to see the rest of Nico's story.

Speakeasy - Join the journey of two men just looking to make a name for themselves...In the Canadian bootlegging business. A historical web series looking for IPF funding, Speakeasy is sure to be a hit with a the perfect balance of humor, action and drama. Check it out above and be sure to share on social media!

The Co-op - An openly gay actor, Alexander finds himself moving into a housing co-op for artists with his best friend Darcy, an aspiring dancer. The series looks to share the trials and tribulations that both artists go through as they look to become self-sustaining artists. Take a look and share it with your friends.