Trailer Tuesday | March 21, 2017

Ask Will - In an unexpected turn of events, Will Shakespeare finds himself broke, single and writing a tacky relationship advice column. A modern take on who Shakespeare might be, you can check out the pilot episode via TELUS today.

Through Time - From Sarah Rotella comes her hauntingly beautiful trailer for this year's IPF submissions. With this, simplicity is key as you're instantly swept into a series of what appear to be memories with voiceovers helping set the plot. Needless to say, we have high hopes for this and can't wait to see more from it!

The Untold Story of Me + U - Barbara Mamabolo is an actor and emerging screenwriter, debuting her IPF trailer featuring the love story of Emma and Jason, set within multiple worlds. As a multiverse series, anything and everything is possible and Emma and Jason find that just everything and anything happens to them. Oh and if Mamabolo looks familiar, it's because she played badass Rumi in Mslabelled! Check out her trailer and be sure to share!

[Blank My Life] - After the success of the first season, Alex Spieth is back with a second season of her series where audiences get to pick up where they left off and find if Susan really does find love and have it all. Check out the first season here.

The Vault - Nathaniel Hale is an Air Force pilot who one day finds himself in a state of the art, military bunker buried deep underground where the last of humanity now lives. Their lives are in danger from an unknown enemy and it's up to Hale and his team to stop it. Check out the IPF trailer from Lost Journey Productions and be sure to share it.

Zero Day - Created by Simon Abbott and John Ward, comes their IPF submission following a timid you woman who risks her life in an attempt to save her hacker brother who mysteriously disappeared after getting involved in some shady things on the net. Be sure to check out their trailer and share!