Trailer Tuesday | April 11, 2017

Anytown, USA - Welcome to Anytown, home to the All-American, modern family of cannibals! Get ready to laugh your ass off with this series. Available now.

The Girl from Carolina - Ferra gallivants across the South Carolina Upstate with a giant jug of beer, setting things straight when life serves her a big slice of, "Aww, what the hell?" Check out the ten-episode series now.

In Search Of - A dramedy following strangers who trade their old stuff online while making connections IRL, the phase two IPF series follows millennials who spend much of their lives online. 

Fifty Shades of Twister - When literature student Noah Baron goes to interview young entrepreneur Ross Willet, he encounters a man who is flexible, agile, and dumb.

The Hunted: Encore - A newly formed band of vampire slayers finds themselves facing a new kind of vampire and a mysterious stranger. Join the band as they work around each other's growing egos and face their new foe. This series is a must watch! Check it out today.

Tenants - After a hilarious first season, Tenants is back for a second season, this time feature five more tenants and double the fun. Check out the series now.