Trailer Tuesday | April 25, 2017

Couple-ishGearing up for its second season, Dee and Rachel, played by Carmilla alums Kaitlyn Alexander and Sharon Belle are back and with more laughs, love and drama than ever. After a successful funding campaign, the series premieres on April 29th at 5 PM EST with new episodes every week! Binge that first season now.

Love Life & Screw UpsFrom A Movie Masti Magic Studios and Shantketan Films Production comes a web series on exactly what its title says! The series follows a group of friends as they go through the drama (both good and bad) of dating. The trailer is hilarious and showcases some of India's best talent that's recently emerged within the web series space. 

Vicky & Lysander - Created by Damon Cardasis and Shannon Walker, the series follows a deluded Manhattan couple whose only goal in life is to climb the New York social ladder to become one of the city's most elite. The series has two seasons all available today. - What started off as a real life meet cute turned into a web series about how "guys meets girl." is cute, quirky and just the right amount of drama to tell the story of the growing pains teens go through. The series is described as both entertaining and educational! Watch it today.

My Roommate's An Escort - Created by Katie Uhlmann and Trish Rainone, the series follows timid and small town girl Heather as she tries to figure out if her new roommate Kesha is an escort. Yep, that kind of escort! The 11-episode series aired earlier this year and since then has gained a huge following as audiences follow Heather and her investigation. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. Catch up now.

Whatever This Is - Two NYC production assistants, Sam and Ari, are barely scraping by through low paying gigs on a variety of unsavory subjects. Meanwhile, Sam's girlfriend Lisa has the opportunity of a lifetime but she's not really sure if she's qualified. Watch the series today.