Trailer Tuesday | May 2, 2017

Callie & Izzy - Callie Williams has Puppetitis B. I know, it sounds scary. Causing her to grow a puppet out of her hand, Callie becomes Callie & Izzy. Izzy's a furry sociopath and Callie's having trouble if Izzy's a friend or foe but don't fret everyone, there's two full seasons to check out today!

Life InterruptedFormer child actor Mason Bell's career peaked at the age of 10. Now he's almost 50, living in East Village in a less than ideal studio apartment just above his equally rundown bar he co-owns with his ex-wife Ally. The series is comedic in every way possible. Check it out today.

Soldiers of EarthFive individuals are brought together by Mother Earth herself to be activated with an elemental charge, in order to fix an imbalance threatening mankind. The series was recently nominated for five categories at this year's Vancouver Web Fest and is available to stream today.

Conversation's In LAThis Emmy-nominated series is about finding what makes us feel alive in whatever stage of life we’re in. Audiences follow Michelle and a young Hispanic man dubbed 'The Young Lover as they discover themselves without the influence of others. The first season is available now with a second one on the way!

Mistakes Were MadeClara, April and Izzie are just three Montreal girls trying to keep on that path to adulthood and are failing miserably, one mistake at a time. The first season is available now with 9 episodes with season two currently airing new episodes every Sunday at 9 PM EST!

We Kill 'EmSeattle-based series, We Kill 'Em is a comedic series following Christ and Tyler, paranormal exterminators. The series premieres this Thursday, May 4th.