Trailer Tuesday | May 9, 2017

The Adjuncts - This dark comedy follows the academia struggle and drama that comes with working as part-time professors at a small college. The series follows six adjuncts as they navigate their personal and professional issues. Catch the ten episodes today.

hey u upFrom Paper Ring Productions comes a new web series created by Sabra Kojis. The series is just two episodes in and follows three millennial roommates as they try to figure out modern day dating. Watch it now.

Shock NationWhile the world around her is collapsing, a young girl in Baltimore City is looking to find herself after losing her love and inspiration to dance. It isn't until she joins her school's dance team that she begins to finally feel like she's found herself. 

Geeta's Guide to Moving OnAn official selection at last year's New York Television Fest (NYTVF), the series follows Geeta as she deals with moving on after an unexpected breakup and as a result, moving back in with her parents. The series premiere May 25th on Open TV.

Quarter LifeThis Atlanta-based series is quirky in all the right ways. Two unlikely friends bond as they deal with new jobs, dating and really anything and everything under the sun that comes with being a 20-something-year-old these days. Watch it today.

The Teacher ProjectIn a mockumentary fashion, the series explores the life of Greg Sanders, who when he isn't acting as a single father, is filling his role as teacher to a classroom of some pretty unruly kids. Catch the series today