Trailer Tuesday | May 23, 2017

AdultsYou know the phrase, "the struggle is real?" Well you're about to meet two 40-year-olds that are the embodiment of that phrase. Check out the first three episodes of the series today.

Man Friday - They're not your typical plumbers but the latest series from Grey Paper Cranes Productions is bringing you an LGBTQ friendly and diverse web series. Support their series here.

MonogaymousRuben's a rather domestic gay man living in the likes of LA with his hot mess of a best friend, Amanda. Together they embark on a journey to bring Ruben back to his life before he was monogaymous, as the series puts it. Check out the series today.

FlatshareA creative approach to raise awareness about the living conditions youths in London are forced to deal with, Flatshare is raising funds to bring you a new web series.

The ManorThree roommates take refuge in an abandoned home in downtown St. John's, there they decide to pursue a life of internet fame but things aren't always as easy as they're made out to be.

Reckless JulietsA cross between Heathers and The Virgin Suicides, the series follows the lifelong friends Carmody, Wynn, Chloe, and Shasta as they navigate their way through high school, womanhood, and hectic home lives. Watch the series from the beginning.