Trailer Tuesday | June 13, 2017

Animal WarmthJenna is a talented artist but struggles with human interaction. This 7-episode series follows her journey into learning to put herself out there and even find some lady love along the way. Catch the entire series today.

RedFrom Brazil, comes this steamy web series following Mel and Liz, two actresses who meet after working on a short film together. Their on-screen romance quickly becomes something off-screen and oh is it great. Catch three seasons of Red today.

The Newton GirlsAnother LGBTQ web series from Australia, The Newton Girls follows the love lives of women in Newton, Sydney. Catch the entire 10-episode series today!

LSBThis Italian two season series (with a third on the way) is completely underrated and needs to be added to your binge list stat. Follow a group of lesbians (some proud and out, some still figuring it out) as they deal with love, life and more. Watch it now.

The HorizonWith over 60 episodes, this Australian web series is the first ever gay drama series and one of the top web dramas in the world, celebrating the lives and loves of Sydney's gay and alternative community. Start season one today.

Where the Bears AreEver wonder what you'd get if you followed 3 bear roommates living in the hills of Silverlake? You'd get a solid mix of The Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote, yeah you read that correctly. With 5 seasons out now, you won't want to miss Where the Bears Are.