Trailer Tuesday | June 21, 2016

A Job, A Wife, A Life - This comedic web series from MonkeyFace Productions depicts the life of Blake and his seemingly perfect life. He's got a great job, a beautiful wife, life seems to be great, but as you know, not everything is perfect on the surface. 

The Obsoletes - This DC-based web series is opening eyes to their take on one of the country's greatest issues, homelessness. The series is a dark and comedic twist on homelessness and actually stars real homeless people in their environment. The series is seeking funding for their 100% tax deductible project. You can learn more here.

Peephole - Alex Lynch turns to Peephole, a fictional social media site, after her sister, Laura, goes missing. But she's signed up for more than she's bargained for as she comes across a massive conspiracy. The web series was shot via crowdstaging, meaning most characters were filmed in complete isolation. You can check out new episodes now!

Backstage - This mockumentary web series will leave everyone rolling on their sides in laughter as they dissect the world of bad auditions. Check out their their YouTube channel to meet the characters and check out some bad auditions!

Or So the Story Goes: Sweet Truth - Known as OSTSG, the web series has produced chilling re-telling's of classic children literature stories. Sweet Truth tells the story of Hansel and Gretel as they make their way through the forest. The award-winning web series has also featured other classic tales and is currently working on their latest project featuring the story of Rumpelstiltskin.

Work, in Progress - When Jake loses his job, it's almost a blessing in disguise. The series follows his life as he works odd end jobs despite his girlfriend's pleadings for something more stable. Each job however teaches Jake something about himself and his dead-end life at that point. The full series is available now on StreamNowTV or via YouTube.