Trailer Tuesday | July 11, 2017

Gal Pals - Just some gals being pals in this LA web series that you most definitely won't want to miss. Bee loves the chase, even more, she loves the chase with a straight girl but find out what happens when she falls for said straight girl. Season one is available now!

Livin'From Madras Central comes Livin', a series following Sam as he very much third wheels it with his friends Harish and Haritha after they decide to move in together. So where does that leave Sam? Find out today with the series' first four episodes!

Sparebnb - Coming July 17th, this anthology series follows the various groups of people who rent the same London flat. From porn stars to lovers, best friends and more, the series is one you won't want to miss!

For Your Birthday - Family, can't live with them, can't live without them, something the dysfunctional Abbot family is learning when they're recently reunited for a birthday party. Check back with Rachael Wotherspoon's social for an update on the series!

Plans - This seven-episode series follows Zia, a young student who moves to inner-city Sydney and immediately finds herself immersed in the lives (and drama) of an eclectic group of people. Catch the first two episodes now.

That's My DJ - The highly anticipated premiere of the final season of That's My DJ is finally here, focusing on our beloved Sam and Lucas, that guy at all the parties that seems to know everyone, yep him. Check out the trailer for the final season then head over and binge it!