Trailer Tuesday | July 12, 2016

Happy Tuesday guys! Check out this week's picks and get to watching!

Anamnesis - Based on an original short film, finite films brings to life Amamnesis in their web series following Hannah and the correlation between her dreams and real life. The sci-fi thriller is available no on YouTube.

Can You Not? - This series follows Beth a cutthroat producer, Jason a cocky director and Dave, their charming handsome client. Follow their story every week to see how all three fair in bringing a high-stake corporate film project to life!

I Ship It - Created by Yulin Kuang, this series is an adaptation of the original short film by the same name. Featured on CW Seed, the series follows Ella Spencer and her roommate Tim as they set out on creating their own nerdy rock band. You can catch up on episodes 1-10 now!

Bright Summer Night - Inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, comes a brand new web series from The Candle Wasters. The series takes place at a Wellington house party and is sure to bring quite a few laughs! New episodes air every Friday!

Half Sisters - This comedic web series follows the lives of three half-sisters who don't know they're half-sisters until their father passes away. The girls are left with his event-planning business who are now forced to work together and deal with some crazy ass clients!

Retail Rejects - From comedic sketch group, Nacho Wifeys, comes a comedic web series on working in retail. The diverse cast features great local Canadian talent and will remind anyone who has ever worked in retail (or still does!) about the crazy crap you have to put up with! Stay tuned as the series drops on July 24!